Saturday, March 10, 2012


Jenna Marbles is a Youtuber like Nigahiga and Kevjumba. But caution, she's extremely vulgar in her language usage. And she does the most inappropriate things at times. Despite that, I can't get enough of her videos cuz she's so funny and random. :) And I love the pink in her hair. Gorgeous!

Here are some of her videos. Check them out if you're up for it. :) Viewer discretion is advised. Like seriously.

I hope I won't regret sharing these videos. ><

Watched John Carter in 3D yesterday night. 

I though I would hate the movie but in turn, I loved it. There wasn't much 3D effects, but I think the movie experience got so much better just for the fact that the backgrounds and stuff were in 3D.

So the movie was about a guy whose accidentally transported to Barsoom from Jasoom and started a life there. The Heliums need him to save Barsoom from the Zodangas. Sab Than is the Jeddak of the bad guys. The Dejah of Helium ran away from the kingdom and fell in love with John. The Tharks initially hate John but in the end supported him in bringing down the Zodangas, and it's funny when they call him Virginia. Sola, the daughter of Tar Tarcus, the Jeddak of the Tharks helped him in achieving that. Sola's dog, Woola was ugly but oh so adorable. The Therns (Angel-like creatures) wants to kill him for whatever reason they have. And with a clever plot, the Thern is killed. Haha it probably made no sense to you guys but I had fun explaining all these. 

And with all that an alright movie was created. Rate it 7/10. Thanks for the movie. :)

With all the love,

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