Friday, March 9, 2012


Okie so STPM results were released on the 7th of March. Yes, I got my results too. But no, I didn't do as good as I hoped to.

Mum jokingly said to me, "Eeee I thought you'd get at least a 3.5 for me," but I know she's more or less disappointed by my grades. Daddy comforted me by saying, "You are one of the 16% so you are considered good la. Congratulations." But still, I think I've let them down. :C

The teacher was taking picture of students and he asked Ive, Pheng and I to join in the picture with the top scorers. Who knew, the reported snapped a picture, and it came out in the news.

Gosh now people think I'm one of the top scorers like seriously. ><

Quite absurd really, lol. But it's a nice picture of me so I shall happily keep the newspaper cutting. ;)

Happy for my sister (From left No5), who has achieved the one and only 4 Flat in the Science stream of the school. Congrats also to Joshua sis for getting 4A and 1A- (From right No5). And for the sister (Middle) that got 3A and one A-. I know you're sad bout your results but seriously, it's good enough edy. So proud of you guys! And congrats to all my friends from Form 6. We did it, it's over. :)

So you think this is the end of our stress and anxiety? Not even close!

We still have to worry bout getting our butts into universities, and having to choose the right course for ourselves. In short, I pray that I get accepted into the uni I want despite the horrendous results I got.

With all the love,


Anonymous said...

I thought she got 1A and 3A-? (according to the newspaper cutting)

Anonymous said...

Btw, there are three with 4 flat, aren't?

准荣 said...
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准荣 said...

Be happy with your result. You did your best already. Anyways, congratulations to you. :)

kxin♥ said...

@Anonymous The only one from Science stream. can see that you really like correcting people. :)

@准荣 Thanks :)

blue mice army said...

reli tot u all A at d beginning lol~
bt u say u din get a satisfying mark from d beginning oso wor~
tot i read wrongly liao~
btw, wat u actually get?

kxin♥ said...

@Blue mice Sorry to disappoint, but i only got 1 A. :)