Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Vow

Went out for a movie with Lih today. :) Cam died before I could get a better pic, oh wells.

We watched The Vow. The couple looked like they were really in love. TT Their cting skills grade: A++++++ lol. Story line was subtle and not those dramatic kinds, but it conveyed a lot of depth. It was inspired by a true story and it was really touching. Cried twice. Rate 8/10.

The movie should give a positive effect, that one should not stop hoping, for love will always find a way to come back to those worthy of it. But then, I suddenly went emo and random thoughts came into mind lol. Imagine how fragile a relationship is, that anything can happen. One second two person are together and sweet as hell, the next, they went their separate ways. If they wanna forget you and end it, nothing you can do bout it. :(

Anyways, I wore the top sis brought back for me from her KL trip last week. She got me a Starbucks tee that I've been dying to get since forever too. :) *likes*

With all the love,

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