Sunday, April 15, 2012

Charity Dance Competition

Messy hair after a whole day at The Spring. Simple outfit  for the day with a white top, denim shorts and my usual Vincci bag. Went to watch the Charity Dance Competition organized by the Red Cresent Sarawak Branch.

So many people showed up for the event!

It was a fund raising event and the participants had to collect donation of a certain sum to take part in the competition. All for a good cause because the funds collected will be used for disaster relief. :)

There were 4 categories of participants but I don't wanna get into all the tedious details. I arrived at 2pm and it was a long 3-hour+ wait till Category C that FLAMO took part in. Luckily, I had Khai's DSLR to keep myself busy during the wait.

Some pictures of the peeps. :)

FLAMO and GotSoul during stand-by right before competition.

Stepaholic performing. I shot pictures of other groups too but I couldn't get the soft copy so yeah. :/

The exhausted Andy right after FLAMO's turn on stage.

It was 8pm something when they finally announced the winners. The dancers and crowd parted to make a path for the VIP to walk through.

Results were announced and it astonished every one. Champion went to a massive group of dancers who wore black, hung a white cloth around their waist, and basically ran around the stage during their performance. 

Among all the good street dance teams who gave awesome performances, only Stepaholic went away with 3rd Runner Up. Personally I thought Vanity would get Champion but I guess the judges didn't think so? I think they were bias. Ish, like seriously.

The whole event finally came to an end at 9pm+.

I end this post with a picture with the guys from Woon's DSLR. Quite dark but I love it. A tiring but fun day. :)

With all the love,


kc said...

wah, run around thn gt 1st plc??? wonder wan had they preform... lol.. any video link?? ^^.... went off half way after 2ndary sch group XD

Jasz said...

thanks for that :D do u mind to tag us if u hav our pics on stage? hehe. many left n we don really hav pics D: thanks! :D

kxin♥ said...

@kc Yea don't know what were the judges thinking. >< But sorry I don't have the link to the CHAMPION's vid oh.

@Jasz I don't have any of the pics I took for Vanity. :/ But I'll see if Khai still has them, and ask him to upload yea. :)

kc said...

i see.. hahah.. nvm.. wait see if any1 post in fb o youtube thn XDDD

btw, even the gotsoul team gt nting?

kxin♥ said...

Yea nothing. Outrageous results! :O

kc said...


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