Sunday, April 8, 2012

A date with myself

I enjoy having time to myself occasionally. I would go out on my own, drive around, do some shopping- especially when I'm feeling down. I would have the time to think things out for a little, to declutter my mind. Tonight was one of those nights, and I couldn't bare to coop myself at home. It's been awhile now, since I've last had one of these trips on my own.

Got a random shot in the car while looking for parking, then wandered around the mall. Went to Padini to get the Vincci flap bag I wanted since forever, as I give excuses for myself to spend whenever I'm moody. Then I headed over to Starbucks to chill. Some staff would ask for your name and write it on the cup, I love it when they do that. :) Two friends came over and accompanied me a little. After that I went to watch The Hunger Games and to be frank, it was my first time watching a movie in the cinema alone.

Two minor incidents that happened during the night. First, while I was buying my movie ticket and I said, "One, please." to the counter girl. The uncle and the child behind me mocked me, "Wah watch a movie alone," "One, kekkeke," (In chinese) They probably thought I didn't hear them. Well, damn you close-minded Chinks. :/ Secondly, when I was in Watson and queuing to pay, two girls in front of me looked back at me then talked and giggled, looked and giggled somemore. They laughed so loud until the counter person ask them, "Apa sangat lucu itu?" Damn you two crazy girls too.

Other than that, the night was great. I came home feeling much better. :)

The Hunger Games was an awesome movie. Rate it 8.5/10.

I cried when Rue died. I love the story as a whole. Love the setting, for the time frame seemed like a very long time ago yet so high tech at the same time. It was obvious that the main character would win, but the journey towards the end was full of suspense and excitement.

P.S. I'm independent and strong, but I have a vulnerable soft core. If you decided to take my heart, please be kind and protect it.

Signing off. :)

With all the love,


Sean said... alone :(
LoL...what is the feeling?
I gonna try...

kxin♥ said...

LOL movie alone is okay for me la. Go try go try. :)

Wch'ng said...

nice movie! haha actually wanna tag you along when i watched. Almost went alone too lol!!

kxin♥ said...

Hahaha is it? Good friend, bo jio.

Her said...

What's wrong with watching movies/shopping alone? None right :)

-JoJo- said...




最后,to that cb uncle and kiddo, .l. farkiu! and that two crazy zha bo, farkiu too! Don't bully our Keryn!

Cheers - happy - always - jojo -

kxin♥ said...

@Her (Y) :)

@Jojo LOL. Awww thankiu. :')

"有时候,给自己一个私人空间,是对自己疼爱的表现。" *likes! Being alone at times doesn't mean we that are lonely. :)