Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Floral skirt

11/4/2012 We brought Granma on an outing to Kuching Central. :) 

After walking around we had lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice. I black-dotted myself because I don't like how I look in that picture lol. On the left are my cousin and aunt. The girl in blue is Kakak, my Granma's loyal caretaker.

Granma was the one who took care of sis and I during our younger years back when we were in Singapore. She has been weak lately and she seldom leaves the house. So yeah, it was nice seeing her being out and about, hopefully she had fun as well. :)

Souvenirs from colleagues that went for vacations in April. :) Chocolates from Australia, flower hair accessory from Singapore, magnet from Korea.

My Starbucks cards. :)

I want the Autumn and Christmas one. :( The mini one was new but I don't think it's anything special cuz probably everyone has one now.

Starbucks recently introduced their Happy Hour promotions! Now some friends can stop teasing me saying that I'm rich because I like Starbucks lol. 5-7pm every Wednesday and Friday, drinks can be bought at a price 50% off. Wednesdays are for Card owners only though. :)

An early birthday present from a good friend of mine.

I didn't want him to get it for me, and I reminded him that it's a Chinese belief that giving shoes as present is bad luck. But he insisted strongly so yea. He chose it himself and it was really nice of him. :)

Padini sales held on 28th April to 1st May.

Wore my newly bought floral skirt from MNG during my trip there today. Love it the moment I saw it, promised myself I'd get it and I did. :)

As for the Padini sales, I only got a pencil skirt and a black bag. Both very mature looking and both for work. :) I'm a very responsible shopper yes I am for this once lol.

Random updates for today. That is all. :)

With all the love,


Her said...

Eh? What's with the blurry black dot on the 2nd photo? And your table... ♥'ssss

kxin♥ said...

Lol, cuz i looked bad in the picture, like i said. :) And thanks!