Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Weekend

Went for a karaoke session with my cuzzies at Track 7 last Saturday night. I look so good-girl in this picture that it's annoying, lol. Wore this RM25 vintage dress. (What a bargain!)

Us three again. :) 

Took pictures in the toilet because the pictures taken in the karaoke room were all blur and ugly and you shall not see them! lol

Met 4 new friends that night. :) The guys were all very cool to hang out with, and they can sing really well! Not sure about the guy at the left-most corner though- he didn't sing at all cuz he was shy, haha.

It's been awhile since I've last sang K so yea, enjoyed it a lot. An awesome night it was! :)

Next morning, I participated in my first ever blood donation. :) The event was held at Crown Square and it started at 9am. I arrived at 9.30, and I was already Number 110.


The busy room where all the action happened. Spot me in the last picture? ;)

In the first picture, participants were asked questions like, "Do you have HIV or drug injections?" etc. I was attended by the lady, and when she asked me, "Did you have a full 5-hour or more sleep the night before?" Straight away I did a quick calculation in my mind- So the night before, I went home after 2, slept around 3+, woke up at 8+. Haha, I guiltily said yes.

A good thing about being a girl, and being a first-timer, the doctors treat you really well. The doctors, especially the one in the blue tee, were so nice and they joked around with me to come my nerves. And they would constantly ask me, does this hurt? It's either I was really treated extra well, or that I was just paranoid, haha. Either way, it made the whole experience less intimidating.

Hello, I donated blood today. :)

I have now, one hole on my left arm, and two on my right. Why? Because I had to be poked trice before getting the needle into my vein successfully. Call me unlucky! But thankfully I insisted on giving it a third try. :)

My bag of type-O blood. :) 

I grew up believing that I am a blood type-A, until I was told today I'm a blood-type O. Lol, don't know what's going on there. If I'm really an O, it would be awesome cuz that means I'm a universal donor and everyone who needs it can use my blood. <3

Random: Ah Boy is so cute!! Looking at this picture made me laugh repeatedly, haha. I love it. :D

With all the love,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Boulevard

The new east wing of Boulevard is opened to public since awhile ago now. Mum and I haven't visited the place so we went on a little window-shopping trip there last weekend. :) I didn't take much pictures of the newly opened space, so go visit it yourself if you wanna know what it looks like. ;)

Newspaper stated that there will be about 80 new retail shops opening- this is one of them. :) I never noticed this brand anywhere, but people were crowding this store and the clothes are really cheap there.

And I found my new go-to boutique - Eighteen Plus. It has the most gorgeous setting, and the most gorgeous clothes! I will buy something from this store soon, I'm sure of it. :D

A dress from the boutique Mum picked out for me to try on. It doesn't look flattering in the picture lol I know, but it looked better in person. :) And the fabric was very soft and comfortable to wear.

My super casual outfit for the day. Maroon tee- HM // bag- Vincci // shorts- Cotton On // Converse- birthday present

Random. So I was back from dancing at around 8.30pm just now, and found that we've run out of 100 plus at home. I requested for some, and got 5 bottles. LOL. It's not a big thing, but it made me feel like a lucky spoilt brat.

That is all. :)

With all the love,

Monday, June 11, 2012


Below is a collection of my Facebook tagged photos taken in the past 6 months or so. I've picked some and uploaded them here just for my own reminiscing purposes. :) 

It suddenly occurred to me that the Facebook photos can anytime be removed, so yeah.

Photos can retain sweet memories, and remind us of the happy moments we've once experienced. 

The people in the photos may change, they may come and go, but the memory we have with them will be kept forever. I might change as well, but at least I'll have the photos to remind of the happy girl I used to be, the bright smile I used to give to the world. Forever thankful. :)

With all the love,