Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birthday Eat-outs 2012

It was my birthday on the 29th of May, and I'm now officially 20. :)

However, this was the most under-extravagant birthday ever. Even my mum thought so, lol. A few weeks before my birthday, I initially wanted to plan a party, and I wanted to invite ALL the people I know to it- which in a way, sounded ridiculous so I decided not to have the party after all. I celebrated my birthday in the simplest way possible, gathering with friends.

I've been sick so I haven't been taking much pictures of myself, just so you know. :)

Went to Fusion Grill, Titanium with a few girlfriends on the weekend before my birthday and had dinner together. 

I chose the place because I've been wanting to try this place since awhile ago now. The restaurant is small but it has a very cozy and elegant setting. I expected the food to be pricey though to my surprise, it's not at all expensive. The service was good, waiter was really friendly.

Drinks in the pictures were Hot Chocolate, Jasmine Green Tea and Chocolate Ice-blended. I ordered the Butterscotch Ice-blended and it was nice. The chocolate ice-blended however, was complained to be a little too bland.

Some of the dishes ordered were Spaghetti Neapolitan, Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasagna and the Crispy Prawn Salad.

Took some pictures with the girls, and Joshua who joined us after dinner. :) 

Went to watch Dark Shadows after that. The newly-renovated stairway to MBO screening halls is now filled with colourful balloon-like decorations and it looks nice. :)

Rate Dark Shadows 8/10. Not your average story plot for a change so it's like a breath of fresh air. My friend and I both agreed that it wasn't as good as expected but still, it was a good movie to watch. I like it how Johnny Depp can perform a humorous scene while keeping his facial expressions so come.

The night before my birthday, went to eat cake with Adrian at Secret Recipe, Song Plaza.

He got the Chocolate Strawberry and I had the Yogurt Cheese. I was having a bad day and to be honest, he successfully cheered me up. He's always able to make me laugh without any effort, and I thank him for that. :)

On the afternoon of my birthday itself, I met up with a-sister-of-mine-who-doesn't-like-taking-pictures-and-wanted-her-identity-to-be-confidential at Secret Recipe, The Spring and she treated me to lunch. :) 

I had the Fish & Chips and she ordered the Vegetarian Sabo. I was utterly shocked when she ordered the vegetarian dish! She's not a vegetarian but she has vegetarian meals occasionally, both for health and for the animals. Aww. :) We did a lot of catching up but I had to rush off after that so we did not get to go shopping together.

She insisted on buying me a whole cake but I refused. So in the end, I took home with me two pieces of Secret Recipe cakes: Hazel Cheese and Chocolate Fudge. Thanks. :)

That night, it was a simple dinner for two at Sharing Planet. :)

We had the appetizers, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken Chop. For your information, Sharing Planet serves big portions of food! We each only managed to finish half of our dishes. So be sure to have an empty stomach when you choose to dine there. :)

I've probably gained some weight after having all that food continuously for the past few days, but I have no complaints. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, via texts, Facebook and Twitter. :) 
Happy belated 20th Birthday to me!

With all the love,


blue mice army said...

hapi belated befteh 2 u~

-JoJo- said...

It's rare to see you in large girls group.

Your right eye bag seems to be swelling, What happened?

And btw, I didn't know it's your birthday (thanks for stay out of FB), I will not feel sorry about it and I will not wish you a belated one :p

Next year, I guarantee I will call to wish you happy birthday.

Beloved, jojo.

kxin♥ said...

@Blue mice Thanks. :)

@Jojo My right eye bag's been swelling like that, look back the past pictures. ;) Lol okay, i'll be waiting next year!