Saturday, June 9, 2012

Borneo Street Dance Competition 2012

Hello. :) I went to watch the Borneo Street Dance Competition at The Spring yesterday. Vivy drove me- took pictures with her but I looked really pale in them so I didn't upload the pics. Sorry girl. ;)

Some of the good crews performing. :)

Watching the competition as a viewer, once again. :/ A few of us we thought of joining but due to lack of time to practice, and mainly procrastination, we missed out the chance again. Sigh! I just wanna get on stage to compete.

I forgot what's the crew's name they are not very good but I do admire their confidence. They were the only girls group competing- which made me regret more for not joining the competition. Sigh!

As usual, a big crowd gathered around the venue to watch the competition.

Khai, acting as a photographer that day, humbly watch at the side lines taking pictures. I'm sure he feels the same way as me as well, wishing that we were the ones on stage competing alongside others. Oh well. :)

Cypher sessions.


The black guy with the black hat is Bboy Machine. The guy has great moves! He was looked upon as a legend as he appeared in the Step Up series before- that must've been some experience! I'm so jealous. :)

Borneo Street Dance Competition 2012 Champion- GoTSoul! :) 1st runner up is a crew from Miri, and 2nd runner is StepHolic. The three crews will represent Sarawak to compete in the grand finals in KK. Make Kuching proud you guys!

A picture with the champions. :)

At night, hung out with my beloved cousins at Station One. Enjoyed a night filled with music and heart-to-heart talks. Guy on stage, thanks for singing the song I requested! 爱我别走-张震岳. I liked it alot. :)

Took some pictures through out the night. :)

Everyone has different problems they face and I believe no matter how difficult it is, you should find someone to talk to. If not to take advice, but to let out the stress because it's not good to coop up negative feelings. I'm good at listening, but I'm not good at giving advice. It's hard to admit, but I'm no good at talking to people about my problems as well. :/ Despite all the negativity however, do remember that no matter what happens, there will always be people there to support you. Just reach out, and you'll be heard. Things will eventually get better, that I do believe so. :)

With all the love,

P.S. 你们两个怎么了?我很想知道可是不知道要怎么问… 每看到一对被看好会幸福的情侣分开,自己就好像对爱情又失去那么一点的信心… 爱情注定让人痛苦,是这样吗?我不喜欢 :'/


blue mice army said...

tat gal on stage gt abit alike wif u lol~


kxin♥ said...

"tat gal on stage gt abit alike wif u lol~" OMG really!? TT

-JoJo- said...

I saw their pocket friends peep out from their hot pant, that's a big fail ~_~

Keryn must have faith for yourself and the one you love, the most important is don't left any regrets in your relationship, 没有后悔和遗憾 :p

No worry, 有心事也可以找我谈,I'm old enough to be your counselor and I'm a good secret keeper.

Cheers Keryn!


blue mice army said...

lol, y u crying?

Street Dance Competitions said...

what a amazing competition this is.