Friday, June 1, 2012

Mum in China

So my little Sony came back from vacation with Mum, bringing back these pretty pictures. :)

Mum went with friends, followed a tour and went visiting a few states of China. I loved the photo album overall because the sights and scenes were very picturesque. And Mum looked adorable, which in a way contributed to my decision of posting some of the pictures here. :) According to Mum however, the trip was not as fun as expected as most of the stops are for visiting purposes only. Not much shopping, not much excitement- not Mum. All in all, I'm glad Mum went on this trip and enjoyed a little relaxation time to herself, away from us lol.

Stacks of chocolates and buns bought for us from the airport.

Mum bought some outfit for herself but I honestly don't understand her choice in this set of floral tee+ floral long skirt. ??? This whole set cost only about RM10/20 so it's alright, I guess...? Uekkk lol.

With all the love,


blue mice army said...

ur last sentence caught all my attention >///<
upper part bcom ignored ad~

kxin♥ said...

You mean the P.S.? Haha, I decided to remove it in the end because I think it's tat bit inappropriate ;)

blue mice army said...

since it's ur blog, i wont tink it's inappropriate~
bt since i'm a straight guy, i instantly 4gt wat i want to comment when i saw ur P.S >///<
mayb u use tis P.S in d begining? xp

kxin♥ said...

Haha. Perhaps I should write a post about it? ;)

blue mice army said...

private post mayb?
setting for only galz can read >///<