Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kuching Fest

I missed the annual Kuching Festival last year! This year, I made sure I'd go. Within these 2 weeks I've already visited the Kuching Festival 3 times. :D 

Soooo it was last Friday night when I went for my third trip there- which explains the crowd. :) But ignore my statement, lol, because on clear weekday nights Kch Fest is full of people too...? It will be the 3rd and final week of Kuching Festival soon, so if you haven't went yet, don't miss the happenings and the food! :)

I've always loved going to Kuching Fest because I get to meet a lot of people I know. :) Though I remember in my younger days, that was not the case. 

To be honest, I used to dress up really nicely for Kch Fest and go there, hoping to have guys hit on me. Haha.When us girls walk around in a group, we would have a group of guys following us around. And to me, that was cool.

For me now, comfort goes further than appearance. It's like the outfit doesn't matter as much anymore. :) The important thing is the people you go with, and the food! Now, when I see young girls there dressed up in tight skirts and cocktail dresses, I would go =.=? Ah, how time flies.

Not far from the front entrance, lies the section where all parents dread. LOL! A balloon cost like RM10-15. I was told that a friend's friend brought 3 kids there, and spent RM45 just on balloons. Kind advice to those bringing children - enter using the back door and by all means, avoid this area. lol

But not all kids are evil. When I passed by, I heard a cute little boy said to his mum, "Why the shark has no tail?", then walked away. I looked up and laughed. How observant and adorable he was!

He wanted to get one for me, as a souvenir that we visited Kch Fest together. Aww. :) But i rejected for I'm not evil as well. ;)

 Mum was one of the performers that night! She entertained the floor with a Chinese song.

After watching the performance, we went to the tent beside the stage, sat down and ate. :) Messy hair after walking back and forth around the place buying food. OH JIAN/ CRISPY OYSTER PANCAKE IS A MUST BUY!

Durian Puff RM3 per piece. Despite being left out of the craziness when this delicacy went famous last year, I tried it for the first time this year, and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. :)

View of the romantic lakeside from where we sat. :)

A pic taken after I got home. :) Wore this cut-out Cotton On tee Lil sis bought for me from KL.

Yea she went to KL to participate in the grand finals of Kings of the Ringz dance competition and all She's the one with the fangs up front *proud big sis over here! IT'S WAS SO AWESOME SHE'S SO LUCKY  but that's not the main topic here, lol.

Apart from the white Tee, she bought me another Cotton On piece and an unbranded chiffon top. Love them all. Thanks! :)

With all the love,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Recent Addictions

Hi. :) 

The Olympics Games 2012 has begun! Is everyone watching? But no, it's not one of my addictions if that's what you're wondering. :p Didn't get the Astro Olympic pass so I guess us at home will be missing all the action. :/ Do update me on interesting events and results? ;)

I've been slacking in my blogging i know!  But please, bare with me. :) So recently...

1. I'm addicted to watching movie with this man. :)

We watched  The Amazing Spider-Man 2DFor my movie review please refer my last post, lol. Planned to watch the 3D version with bro but apparently they don't have it in 3D. So basically I watched the whole exact thing the second time, and fell asleep for 1/2 hour in between lol. I guess it makes sense why they didn't have the movie in 3D, cuz for me I think the mutant lizard creature's close-up would be too frightening.

2. I'm addicted to Hielo. :)

I'm having Hielo more than Starbucks now. :O *shocking* And the above are my usual toppings- Dark chocolate, Oreos, Almond flacks/ Strawberries. Eating it during lunch breaks at work, and replaced popcorn with it as my movie snack lately.

With cousin Lydia, bought Hielo before my last Spider-Man movie. Let me be your ambassador? Lol. That would be so awesome! ;)

3. I'm addicted to spending time with this man. :)  

Look at that adorable face! How can you not want to spend time with him? :P

One night last week he brought me to eat at Elephant. :) 

It's a simplistically-furnished diner located at Ang Cheng Ho area. It's not difficult to spot despite it's small signboard, it has colourful front and back doors.

While there, I was really curious why is the place called Elephant. Is it just because of the many pictures of elephants hanging around the place? That it's just a random name? Or is it that the owner has some kind of love interest with elephants? I wanted him to ask the waiter about it but he refused to, so I guess we'll never find out. :/

We had Mocha ice-blended, Plum juice, Seafood Marinara and Mixed Grill. The food is nice and it's not pricey, just that the mocha I had here was more bitter compared to the mocha I've had at other places. All in all, had a nice dinner there. :) This diner is recommended for simple dinner and eat-outs.

With all the love,

Monday, July 16, 2012


I got the acceptance letter for this coming August intake at Taylor's! Finally, it's time for me to enter my uni life once and for all. :) 

However, I can't get over the fact that I'm scared. I'm insecure of all the changes I'm about to encounter, be it big or small. To have life being so different from what it is now, to start life anew in an unfamiliar city... Below, the things I do not ever wish to change.

To be able to see my family everyday. Can't imagine not seeing Mum and lil bro. Never left them for more than 2-3 weeks time. :( To have Vanilla greet me at the door everyday when I come home, having him stare at me with his gorgeous greenish brown eyes, and climbing into my lap wanting affection. :/

My house. A lovely place to come home to, where I'd feel safe and comfortable. A place i can run to no matter how bad my day outside was. To have my laundry cleaned and folded for me, and Mum always having yummy food laid out ready on the table for us. Internet connection at home. Astro at home- I don't want having to watch TV1 etc when I come home everyday. My car to drive freely around in. Everything is so convenient at home.. And my room full with memories and things. The bouquets, cards, pictures.. My comfortable bed and warm quilt I sleep in every night. The Bear I hug to bed. My closet, bags and shoes.

And my friends- now one by one flying off to different states to further their studies. No one I know is going to Taylor's though, and that sucks. :( This part is always out of my comfort zone- I'm always shy around strangers. Will I be able to reach out, break the silence and make new friends? Will I be able to make awesome friends like how I did? Will I have awesome friends like how I have now? Will I be ALONE? :(

To leave Kuching in general. The place where I call home, the place where most of my connections are. The place where I know people and where people know me. Familiar faces everywhere, saying hi to people everywhere I go. My go to places around town- Startbucks, Watsons, Mcds, The Spring...

Soul Dance- the place where I learn and improve my dancing, at the same time make friends and know new people. Will the new place provide me with a good dance crew to bring me further in my dancing? I'm not as good as many, but I am quite known for my love of dancing. Will I be able to make a place for myself in the dance scene over there? :/

Lastly, I promised myself I won't fall in love, not before I go off to studies, because it would kill me having to fly off and have us in two separate places.... But still, I couldn't help myself. Him and I, we started something I feel is very special. And I dread having to leave him. :'( It would be heart breaking, to not be able to see his face, to see him smiling at me, to see him making funny faces that never fails to make me laugh. To eat with him, talk to him, feel him breathe... Ugh, my inside hurts already.

Despite all that. I'm sure I won't regret taking this step of change. Change is for the better. Change is good. I'm excited and looking forward to all the new things coming into my life. Imma be optimistic about things. I look forward to the adventure that awaits me.  :)

With all the love,

Weekend + Movies

Ate dinner at Basaga yesterday night with my girlfriends and Tommy. Love this picture. :)

Actually the night with fully filled with activities- Initially I was at Boulevard Mall watching The Moment dance battle, then to the dinner, and then off to Track 7 for karaoke with cousins. Even though I left the events half-way, I like nights like this because it made me feel very occupied. Buttttt! My camera died before half way through of the dance battle, so no pictures once again. :(

Before Mum dropped sis and I off at Boulevard, she noticed I was holding my cam, phone, keys and wallet in my hands. I got nagged for not having a bag with me to contain the things and for not being safety-conscious. :( It's not like I want to not bring a bag, just that I had no bags to match my outfit today!

But I was lucky, and I found this cute little beige bag at Brands Outlet. :) Bought the bag on the spot for RM39.90. Problem solved, Mum. :)

So it was last weekend. Lil brother wanted to watch Brave so I bought him to it. :)

I liked the movie, a lot. The story is about a Princess and the Queen, who do not see eye to eye about the Princess's future. The mother was turned into a bear upon a spell requested by the princess and the excitement evolved from there onward. I love the main character's Scottish accent, some words of which made me laugh just by hearing them lol.

The moral of the story is, all you need to do is let down your stubbornness, and listen to one another. When you hear each other out, you'll find that the problems or misunderstandings faced could be easily resolved. It's a funny movie that spreads a very positive message.

I've always loved Disney movies because they never fail to touch my heart. I cried in this one as well. :') Rate 7/10.

Last Wednesday, went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2D with Tian, Lydia, Dawson and the guys. Lil bro wanted to watch this and I'm willing to watch it again in 3D so I'll bring him there this coming weekend!

This Spider-man movie stood out from the past three because in my opinion, the technology used behind making the movie was impeccable. And cast choice was spot on as well. I love Andrew Garfields playing Spider-man! And Emma Stone is soooo pretty please don't get me started. :) One flaw about this movie however, the details of the plot of the complete story had to be compressed into one movie, which made it a little too lengthy (2 1/2 hr+) for me. But all in all, I enjoyed the it!

The movie was release not long ago so I will not talk about the movie itself. Get your butts off to the cinema now people! Rate 8.5/10. 

With all the love,

A friend went back to KL this morning and with some of his friends, I went to see him off at the airport today. He got some awesome friends I must say, I'd feel so lucky if I was in his position. ;) I want to say good luck! And I'll see you soon. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Sarawak River Sunset Cruise

Bryan got two sponsored Sarawak Cruise tickets and he invited me to join him. :)

I willingly said yes as we haven't been catching up lately, and that I've never been on a cruise before myself. Thankfully, the whether was on our side today as it was a sunny, windy yet not excruciatingly hot day.

Today the Riverside had a lazy, relaxed charm of how a Sunday afternoon should have. Not much people around here, not as busy as always. Don't really get this vibe often so yeah, I loved the Riverside today. :)

The exterior of the Sarawak Cruise, and the upper deck where guests sat and enjoyed the cruise. 

The lower deck has a classy restaurant setting, and is open to guests with pre-booked buffet meals. We noted some White, some Japanese and some Indonesian visitors. Being on this cruise myself made me feel like I'm a foreign visitor too! Bryan had the same feeling as well, haha.

Light refreshments were served to the guests of the cruise- orange juice and the infamous Sarawak layered cakes. 

Some of the views along the way. :)

I didn't really take pictures of the apparent monuments and landmarks eg. the Astana, the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak, the Riverside Suite etc. Reason being, I am a Sarawakian and I've seen the landmarks across bank always so yea. Heh.

Bryan being his usual photographer self.

Friendly villagers living across the river waved at us as we rode past them.

Saw a sweet couple holding hands, and I can't stop myself from sneaking a shot. ;)

Us- pictures from my cam, and from his Instagram. :) I no look pretty in the pictures so I very sien...

The almost sunset. :)

On the way back to the port, we were entertained by a group of 4 dancers, performing for us the traditional dances of multiple ethnic groups in Sarawak.

The sun has set before we arrived back at the port. The Grand Margherita looked really pretty under the greyish blue sky with the lights lit against its walls, and the classy-looking bistro located outside.

A picture of me before exiting the boat. :) Outfit- Top from Wendy Boutique, shorts are my usual Beige MNG and the white Oxford shoes from Rubi. 

The one hour and a half cruise has finally came to a stop. Went home after having dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. As always, love the Garlic Herb rice. Enjoyed the day thoroughly. :)

With all the love,