Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kuching Fest

I missed the annual Kuching Festival last year! This year, I made sure I'd go. Within these 2 weeks I've already visited the Kuching Festival 3 times. :D 

Soooo it was last Friday night when I went for my third trip there- which explains the crowd. :) But ignore my statement, lol, because on clear weekday nights Kch Fest is full of people too...? It will be the 3rd and final week of Kuching Festival soon, so if you haven't went yet, don't miss the happenings and the food! :)

I've always loved going to Kuching Fest because I get to meet a lot of people I know. :) Though I remember in my younger days, that was not the case. 

To be honest, I used to dress up really nicely for Kch Fest and go there, hoping to have guys hit on me. Haha.When us girls walk around in a group, we would have a group of guys following us around. And to me, that was cool.

For me now, comfort goes further than appearance. It's like the outfit doesn't matter as much anymore. :) The important thing is the people you go with, and the food! Now, when I see young girls there dressed up in tight skirts and cocktail dresses, I would go =.=? Ah, how time flies.

Not far from the front entrance, lies the section where all parents dread. LOL! A balloon cost like RM10-15. I was told that a friend's friend brought 3 kids there, and spent RM45 just on balloons. Kind advice to those bringing children - enter using the back door and by all means, avoid this area. lol

But not all kids are evil. When I passed by, I heard a cute little boy said to his mum, "Why the shark has no tail?", then walked away. I looked up and laughed. How observant and adorable he was!

He wanted to get one for me, as a souvenir that we visited Kch Fest together. Aww. :) But i rejected for I'm not evil as well. ;)

 Mum was one of the performers that night! She entertained the floor with a Chinese song.

After watching the performance, we went to the tent beside the stage, sat down and ate. :) Messy hair after walking back and forth around the place buying food. OH JIAN/ CRISPY OYSTER PANCAKE IS A MUST BUY!

Durian Puff RM3 per piece. Despite being left out of the craziness when this delicacy went famous last year, I tried it for the first time this year, and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. :)

View of the romantic lakeside from where we sat. :)

A pic taken after I got home. :) Wore this cut-out Cotton On tee Lil sis bought for me from KL.

Yea she went to KL to participate in the grand finals of Kings of the Ringz dance competition and all She's the one with the fangs up front *proud big sis over here! IT'S WAS SO AWESOME SHE'S SO LUCKY  but that's not the main topic here, lol.

Apart from the white Tee, she bought me another Cotton On piece and an unbranded chiffon top. Love them all. Thanks! :)

With all the love,


Dawson said...

i was there that night and saw this lady on stage but i didn't know that it was your mum!

kxin♥ said...

Haha yea. And we were both around the stage area but we didn't meet, lol!