Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend + Movies

Ate dinner at Basaga yesterday night with my girlfriends and Tommy. Love this picture. :)

Actually the night with fully filled with activities- Initially I was at Boulevard Mall watching The Moment dance battle, then to the dinner, and then off to Track 7 for karaoke with cousins. Even though I left the events half-way, I like nights like this because it made me feel very occupied. Buttttt! My camera died before half way through of the dance battle, so no pictures once again. :(

Before Mum dropped sis and I off at Boulevard, she noticed I was holding my cam, phone, keys and wallet in my hands. I got nagged for not having a bag with me to contain the things and for not being safety-conscious. :( It's not like I want to not bring a bag, just that I had no bags to match my outfit today!

But I was lucky, and I found this cute little beige bag at Brands Outlet. :) Bought the bag on the spot for RM39.90. Problem solved, Mum. :)

So it was last weekend. Lil brother wanted to watch Brave so I bought him to it. :)

I liked the movie, a lot. The story is about a Princess and the Queen, who do not see eye to eye about the Princess's future. The mother was turned into a bear upon a spell requested by the princess and the excitement evolved from there onward. I love the main character's Scottish accent, some words of which made me laugh just by hearing them lol.

The moral of the story is, all you need to do is let down your stubbornness, and listen to one another. When you hear each other out, you'll find that the problems or misunderstandings faced could be easily resolved. It's a funny movie that spreads a very positive message.

I've always loved Disney movies because they never fail to touch my heart. I cried in this one as well. :') Rate 7/10.

Last Wednesday, went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2D with Tian, Lydia, Dawson and the guys. Lil bro wanted to watch this and I'm willing to watch it again in 3D so I'll bring him there this coming weekend!

This Spider-man movie stood out from the past three because in my opinion, the technology used behind making the movie was impeccable. And cast choice was spot on as well. I love Andrew Garfields playing Spider-man! And Emma Stone is soooo pretty please don't get me started. :) One flaw about this movie however, the details of the plot of the complete story had to be compressed into one movie, which made it a little too lengthy (2 1/2 hr+) for me. But all in all, I enjoyed the it!

The movie was release not long ago so I will not talk about the movie itself. Get your butts off to the cinema now people! Rate 8.5/10. 

With all the love,

A friend went back to KL this morning and with some of his friends, I went to see him off at the airport today. He got some awesome friends I must say, I'd feel so lucky if I was in his position. ;) I want to say good luck! And I'll see you soon. :)

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