Tuesday, August 21, 2012

With Cousins, count down to KL

Hello. :) Just like the post title, I'm gonna count down to 22nd, the day of my actually fly to KL. 

Travelling to KL is actually not a big deal for some, but it's my first time leaving home. I'm very very excited, so yea, I'm making a big deal about it! Lol.

I'm trying my best to fit everything into these last 3 days- packing, spending time with family, spending time with him, meeting as many friends as possible... I think I won't be able to see all the friends I wanted to cuz really, I'm running out of time. :(

So I got a new laptop. Mum bought me the notebook I chose to have. And I've been wanting a white laptop since forever. Thanks Mum. :')

It was the first day of Hari Raya, and I went to visiting with my ex-colleagues. :)

We went to three houses that day. Had some awesome Beef Rendang and for me personally, it's the best dish of Raya and the best of all the rendangs.

One of the houses belonged to a High Court judge. the gorgeous house came with an awesome backyard with a gorgeous little cabin built there. :)

Remember this guy? My cousin Leon from England that came back 2 years ago. :) He's back again! 

We used to spend so much time together every time he comes back. He's back for 2 weeks, and I'm guilty for not being able to hang out with him as often as we used to this time round due to my trip to KL. I'm making effort to spend as much time as possible with this guy now. :)

Chocolates and a Jesse J tee from him and his family. :)

After my visiting, I met up with these guys and went to eat at Life Cafe for lunner (lunch+dinner, lol). :)

Life Cafe is famous for its Spicy Noodles. It's nice and all, but I can't really take overly spicy food hence I always go for the Lau Mian.

We had nothing to do on our minds so we randomly went to Hielo and shared a size 04. It was the 'his first-bite' face, lol.

Night, we went to The Spring initially wanting to watch Total Recall (yea I know I've watched it before lol. Thing was they haven't so yea) but ended up having watched nothing because the show time was almost sold out and we have no seats.

We spent our time at the arcade and I kicked his ass at the Basketball Machine. ;)

 We played the dancing machine as well. Sister is better than me at this. :/

It was almost 12am and we had supper at Mcd's before heading back. A day well spent. :)

With all the love,

P.S. It's 3.20 on 21st Aug right now. I'm so sleepy... Finished this post as fast as possible so I can go have some shut eye now. Final day in Kch tomorrow! Feeling anxious.

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