Friday, August 3, 2012


Went to Escobar, Damai Central for a drink last Saturday night. :)

Yeap, drove 30+ mins just for a drink there. First time going to the bar, and first time driving up to Damai so late at night. The guys wanted to go there for a drink as they've gotten bored with all the drink places in town- lol, what Dawson said.

Shall not describe the outfit because everything is in repeating mode. Zzz except for the slippers! They are from Nose. :) You can't see it from the picture but they have leopard-print bases, which I love.

With cuzzie Lydia. :)

Love the feel of the bar, and will not hesitate to come here for another drink next time. Blur pics taken due to wrong camera settings. My bad!

P.S. I'm so in love with Nick Zhou!! Marry me please. :3

With all the love,

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