Friday, August 17, 2012

Hair and etc

Little by little, I'm physically and mentally preparing for my fly to KL next week. :) It's not a long move, but in a way it's still very nerve wrecking because the positive/negative thoughts are sometimes a tad too overwhelming.

Wardrobe's thoroughly cleared and packed into luggage. I wanna pack my hangers too but they'd be too bulky and would take up too much space. :/

And since I won't be using it much anymore, Daddy cancelled my Sarawak Club Sub-card for the moment..

My hair was long but thick and frizzy. So I decided to have it straightened before flying off, that when I go over I'd have less trouble managing my hair.

...but I hate my hair right now. :(

Initially I plan to simply transform from messy long to straight long, but my hair became so friggin short right now! None of my clothes go well with this stupid hair. Tried hard to get better pictures but couldn't. TT

Stupid hairstylist, told her I had too much layers but I don't want them, that I want to have thicker ends. She ended up cutting of ALL my layers to match the shortest ones and cut them into a friggin straight line. DAFUQ. I hate going to hair salons. I NEVER manage to find one that meet my needs. I almost always leave one feeling worse about myself. :( If I have all the equipment to style my hair myself, lol, I would.

Just in case you forgot, this is what my hair used to look like. Messy, but it's long- the way I love it.

Hung out with cousins at Tarot before YM Sis fly off to Singapore the next day. :) Enjoyed nice drinks and chit chated the night away. She's only back the day after I fly to KL so yea, apparently we won't be seeing each other until the next time I come back to Kuching. :/

First time going out with this stupid hair. Don't tell me my old hair look better because I know that already la.. And if you don't like my new hair, I hate to say it but, you'll be seeing more of it, so do just bare with me lol. :(

With all the love,


JenJen said...

Which saloon you go?

-JoJo- said...

Vote for new hair. I prefer new hair look over the old one.

kxin♥ said...

@Jenjen The one near my house. Jenne. You know which one?

@Jojo Really?? Okay good to know. :)