Saturday, August 11, 2012

Movies w/ love

It was a casual lunch out and I wanted to create a bank account so he accompanied me. After running the errands he randomly suggested a movie. Initially wanted to watch The Dark Knight or Step Up Revolution, but the show times were not suitable that day. In the end, we watched Ice Age 4. 

I've watched Ice Age 1 & 2, always enjoyed the movies but somehow never became a fan. Was somewhat reluctant to watch this movie, but yea, I enjoyed this movie. Laughed a lot a lot and I love the high quality graphics. Fav character: Sid's grandmother, lol! I believe grown ups will enjoy this movie as much as the kids do. Rate 7.5/10.

It was a movie night at home and we watched 21 Jump Street. :) 

The story talks about two newbie police officers playing undercover as high school students and had to look for the source of drugs in the school. It's a comedy action film and I had fun watching this movie. Rate 6/10.

To me it's okay, but I've no idea how this movie would be screened in Malaysia with it's large amount of vulgar language usage. Either beep beep beep non-stop during, or the movie would be cut and edited until there were no contents that it makes no sense at all? Lol, I don't know really.

Watched two movies today at MBO. :) Total Recall. 

*Spoiler: Doug, a mechanic nobody, marries Lori, played by Kate Beckinsale in the fake memory implanted into his mind by the bad guys, in fact is a double agent, having Malina, played by Jessika Beil, as his true lover/ partner in crime before losing his secret agent identity. And Lori in fact, is one of the bad guys. The story takes place on Mars and there are only two locations livable on the planet, having located on opposite poles. And the only way to travel between the two places is to use the transportation system known as "The Fall"- that's a very cool and essential part of the movie.

The movie is somewhat similar to Inception- where the main character is confused between memory and reality. I like this movie because it's very nerve wrecking - in a good way, lol. But a down point was that, I think it would be more exciting if the plot is made more confusing like Inception- where we can't differentiate whether his in the virtual world or reality. While in this movie, the answer is quite clear half way through.

I'm a girl, but I too enjoyed the fighting scene between the hot two females leads very much. Lol! Love this movie. Rate 8.5/10.

Next movie for the day- Step Up Revolution. :D

Oh man, I don't know how to start. The movie was awesome! I got goosebumps over and over and over again. The dance choreography is so intense in every piece. And the male lead has the best body ever omg! You have to watch the movie else you wouldn't understand what I'm feeling now, lol. I love the dance style Krump. I want to learn Krump. I have to learn Krump. I have too! 

Generally speaking, Step Up movies are all pretty similar in plot- where guy meets girl, girl joins the group and somewhat in ways betrayed the group but in the end everything works out. But what's special in this was that they infused in the element of flash mobs.

There were 5 mobs in this movie, each and everyone having different styles and uniqueness. My favourite mob must be the last one, where Moose, and many dancers from Step Up series joined the dance- but fairly speaking, that's the climax part so it should rightfully be the best mob and I guess it should not be counted lol. And thus, my favourite mob among the 4 should be the OL mob, where they danced in the office tower lobby and cash notes were flying all around. The way they walk into place and sharply pause on cue gave me goosebumps! Rate 9/10.

The Dark Knight Rises. 

This movie I did not watch it with him, but with the beloved cousins, after a shopping outing last week. I understood the plot overall but in details, I am confused in some places too. I've lost interest in writing so this I won't write long, lol. Enjoyed Anne Hathaway's performance as cat woman and enjoyed  the part where batman in pursuit of getting out of the hole. Enjoyed this movie very much. :) Rate 7.5/10. 

With all the love,


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