Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Life in KL

I'm now in KL (Sunway to be exact) and I'll be officially starting school next week! :D

I haven't the time for blogging lately because Orientation Week was hectic (for law students especially omg!), and I have no wifi services at where I'm staying now. I was supposed to count down till my trip like I said in my last post, but I didn't have time to do so.

Mum accompanied me here and stayed for 3 days. :) During her stay, we took two trips down to the city central to shop a little. Pictures were taken outside Sungei Wang.

Time Square.

It was Mum's 1st night there. Had our dinner at a road side hawker store before heading to Sunway Pyramid to do some electrical appliances shopping.

I moved into my current apartment room on Mum's 2nd day here. :) Note that we moved ALL the things in the picture from the hotel to the room all by ourselves. Crazy work, really.

The empty room with furniture provided when we first arrived...

...Is now my room. :)

Love the curtains I chose? I love it too. :D But it doesn't go with the bed, oh wells. Ask me, why don't my bed sheets and quilt match? Long story, lazy to tell. lol

The ugly pillow on my bed is my Stinky- I bring it everywhere. At first, I hesistated whether or not to bring along my teddy because it's so big and bulky. Luckily I did because hugging him to sleep makes me feel safe and in a way, not so alone.

My little study desk with food all over, water on my left and toiletries on the right.

The happy me after finally done with unpacking and arranging everything. :) Mum didn't help at all

With all the love,


Sarah Sabri said...

Hello, Kxin. I enjoyed reading your blog so far. So many interesting and captivating pictures that you posted assisted me in picturing how a student's life would be once they move away from home. Fear not, the world is big and there is so much more to explore. Grab your camera and snap away in your adventures! :) They're very interesting! Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

kxin♥ said...

I just saw this comment. Wow thank you! It's very nice of you. I feel flattered :)) Have a great day too!