Thursday, August 9, 2012

Working in a Law Firm

My working days ended on 31st last month as I'm now getting ready to continue my studies. :) I've been working in a law firm for the past 5 months- to past time, gain experience and know what to expect in respect of my future studies. 

In this past 5 months I've learnt so much. I was assigned to the Litigation department but I'm lucky because I learnt how to do Conveyancing stuff as well. I learnt how to draft and fair sale and purchase contracts, handled a divorce case, attended Creditor's Petition meetings, learnt how to to land transfers, how to type letters, dispatch letters etc.

Here's a picture of the awesome people placed under the Litigation department. :) 

Picture was taken during my first ever gathering with them outside the office. Everyone in the office is kind and friendly. Newcomers are never seen as outsiders and I got accepted almost immediately.

Pictures taken on Siat Yee's birthday in May. :)

Pictures taken on Li Yun's birthday in July. :) 

Let me introduce my colleagues to you. :)

Just to be clear, lol, I'm the one in the maroon cardigan. The lady holding my shoulders is lawyer/head of Litigation Department Ms. Pam. The guys at the back is Mr. Liu, the smart, charismatic Conveyancing lawyer, and the handsome Jason, the Litigation lawyer. The cute lady to my left is Ting Ting, the funniest one among the gang. Then Ms. Chang, Siat Yee, Li Yun, Shirley and Natalie- chambering lawyer-to-be.

Mondays Blues were always there, and sometimes I'd feel lazy to go to work. But despite that, honestly speaking, I've always looked forward to work because days at work were always so much fun with these people in the office. We would work but at the same time be laughing all day long. :)

Upon my farewell, my colleagues got me this pretty beige Vincci bag. :) 

I guess they know I like Vincci from the Vincci working bag I always use. So touched when I received it that I almost cried. Love it so much and I love them to bits!

Extra: So I have a friend working at another law firm in Kuching. And he sent me this letter via his office's office boy.

I wanted to get drama from him and he told me before he would send it from his firm to mine, lol. I thought it was a joke and so I didn't take it seriously but I was so pleasantly surprised when their office boy came up to the 3rd floor of our office to hand the letter to me.

His identity will be kept confidential because I'm afraid of getting him into trouble for doing so lol. 

And what made me laugh the most, he made the letter look so serious by using the phrases law firms would normally use in formal letters to clients and banks, lol. Definitely a memorable moment. :)

With all the love,