Friday, September 28, 2012

In my room

Here's a random update of what goes on in my room lately. :)

First and foremost, the lighting in my room is so bad that I no longer enjoy self cam with my camera. While wearing his shirt, webcam will do for now I guess. :)

I got myself a room mate! 

I've never shared a bed with anyone, unless during travelling and stuff. Sometimes at night I would find myself waking up with her face right in front of mine lol. :O And then there's the space issue.. We have only one study table and only one dressing table so comes the territory war, lol.

Reminds me of the times me and sis used to share a room- the good and the bad. Lol, still need some getting used to but I'm not complaining. :)

So far, my things ie. books and laptop are dominating the table. :P But it's not like i'm bullying her or anything! I use our table more so yea.

Got myself dictionaries- for Law and also French.

Fyi I'm taking French as my university elective. There's only 2 electives for us Law school students, Basic Chinese or French. If you've had formal Chinese education before, then you are not allowed to take chinese. So yea lol, not much of an elective I guess.

Bonjour! Comment allez vous? ;)

Borrowed this book from the school library. Haven't finish reading but so far, I find this book very beneficial. :)

 It advises you on the mindset you should have when you choose this course, the skills you need to acquire to be a successful Law student, good books recommended before you start your course, how to excel in the studies and etc. Pity I did not discover this book earlier! Recommended to Law-student-want-to-bes. :)

My 2012 Starbucks Planner has reached October already. It's been a month now since I've been here. :)

My favourite Starbucks beverage is Java Chips Frap. My favourite person to enjoy it with is? Oh man there's no question, only one name popped into my mind and you know who you are. :) I'm missing those moments.

Picture was taken the night before last. Stayed up till 3 doing my Constitutional Law tutorial questions for the next day.

Recently, i think i'm getting deprived of sleep. Full day classes almost everyday, 8-5.30. After that I get home, bathe and rest awhile, then off to study. Sometimes I slack la, but yea. Time is seriously not enough. A chapter or less than that could take up to more than 2 hours of reading and then you left not much time to do anything else. SO DEPRESSING. TT

If I go insane one day, I'm glad at least you, my readers, know why. Lol. Signing off! Good night :)

With all the love,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm missing Vanilla

I'm missing Vanilla so much till I wanna die. :((((((

Not saying I don't miss my family and friends okay.. I miss them millions. Only that this post is directed to Vanilla. It's my first time leaving him for so long ever since I got him. It's torturing just thinking about him. Sis told me he looked out the window everytime she said "Jie jie?". Purely heartbreaking.

I was in Popular Book Store the other day. Went to the pet section, read the dog training books and cried. :'(

Every picture with a dog and it's owner, makes me think of Vanilla and I. The tricks, and the bad habits of the dogs, remind me of Vanilla. And there was one section saying the death of pets will be very saddening towards the owner, and how to get over it... Ahhhh I don't even wanna think about that.

Vanilla if you are reading this,
do know that I miss you so much!
I will come home to you soon.
Wait for me okay.

With all the love,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Start of University Life: Orientation Week

I'm an August 2012 intake School of Law student of Taylor's Lakeside University. :)

The August intake was a big batch of students. We had boring orientation talks basically just to inform us what to do and where to go and stuff. Oppa Gangnam Style was randomly dragged into one of the talks and for me I think the was rather irrelevant la lol.

Our Freshman Card consisting a list of activities we had to participate in during our Orientation Week.

Participated in the Campus Hunt and this was my first chance of meeting new friends from the school. :) I see no reason why I'm pointing this out- I looked horrible in the 2nd picture lol.

Then there was a Merdeka Day celebration. :)

However I don't like Merdeka Day celebrations that much anymore because I don't know how to sing the more recent patriotic songs lol. I'm still lingering in the Jalur Gemilang, Keranamu generation, lol.

Allysha- new friend from class, someone I'm sure you'll see more of on my blog in the future. :)

And then there was the Orientation Party. :D

The theme was Slumber Party and yes, we went in our sleep clothes. I wanted to bring my bear to adhere to the theme more but I had orientation talks earlier that day and bringing it around would be silly. :/

A super diva guy performed a series of Beyonce inspired dances for us. Omg he dances better sexier than me. Me sad. :/

Then there was the "How-many-marshmallows-can-you-stuff-into-your-mouth-and-say-Chubby-Bunny" game. The girl actually beat the guys, stuffed her mouth with 24 pieces of marshmallows.

The MC, guy dressed in pink pyjamas, is super hot btw! And my friend got a super crush on him. Lol, you know who you are. :P

There were a lot of other performances that night and free dinner was served for all participants.

The school looks extra pretty at night. Chilled with friends by the lakeside before we call it a day. :)

Orientation week has ended, and that marks the start of my journey as a Law student! Wish me luck. :) And to all my friends that have flown of the wherever you are now to study, all the best to you as well!

With all the love,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bar-B-Q Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid

So it was first my weekend at KL alone. His sister who is living in KL was kind enough to bring me out just so I don't feel too alone here. :)

Today's post will be a short one because it's now 8.44 - The library is closing at 9, and I have a bus to chase at 9.10 lol.

Whimsical top with unicorn- Cotton On // skirt- Padini // bag- Vincci // shoes- Rubi Shoes

It was my first time eating at Bar-B-Q Plaza and I love it. :) 

We ordered the Pork set and it also included some seafood. The tea and the sauce have unlimited refills. The price was not too pricey, with the food and service it was very well worth it.

The gorgeous one whom I refer to as Ah Yen. :)

She introduced me to Mr. Siew Bao as well. :) Tried the original Siew bau. According to her this franchise is quite famous in KL. After that, we hung out, shopped a little and headed back.

Outfit of the day- Cotton On top and P&Co. white bottom. Bus is here, ta-ta for now. :)

With all the love,