Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fish & Co. @ One Utama

Picture taken last weekend in the taxi with the housemates, on our way to 1 Utama Shopping Mall. :)

Multiple sections of the mall had pretty Mid Autumn Festival decorations all around. :) Just a thought, the mall is so different now as compared to how I remembered it a few years ago!

Candylicious. Just by being in the colourful, chocolate & candy-filled store alone had made my day. :) The people there were even nice enough to give out free candy to visitors!

Left the store with a bag of Kisses for the lovely classmates. :) Had so much fun asking around "Do you want kisses from me?" whole day long, lol.

Lavender- a gorgeous, classy bakery/restaurant. The restaurant is added to my long list of restaurants I want to try.

Had lunch at The Chicken Rice shop.

The lunch set was inclusive of bean sprouts, popiah, a drink and a dessert. I still prefer Chicken Eating House and also Singapore Chicken Rice in Kuching though. :/

After a long day of shopping, we had dinner at Fish & Co before heading back.

New York Fish & Chips.

They offer a wide variety of Fish & Chips dishes- Apart from the New York Fish & Chips, there are the Swiss Fish & Chips, Singapore Fish & Chips and Italian Fish & Chips, to name a few.

Fettuccine with cream of mushroom.

My Baked Seafood Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

I love everything seafood from mussels to calamari and the pasta was good so I enjoyed this dish very much. Only down point was that, I mistakenly thought that it was 'Cheese Baked Seafood Spaghetti' so I expected the dish to be topped with a thick layer of cheese.

Good environment with good food. Our waiter that night was a very nice gentleman, so service was good too! A triple threat restaurant. Recommended. :)

Black outfit for the day. Wore my first puplum top from Seed. :)

Tomorrow is the annual Mid Autumn Festival. I think this is my first Moon Cake Festival away from home- and my first Moon Cake Festival without having to actually eat a moon cake. :( So to all of you guys out there who are celebrating the festival with your families, and are now munching on a big slice of yummy mooncake, do realize that you are oh so lucky. :)

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone! 

With all the love,

Friday, September 28, 2012

In my room

Here's a random update of what goes on in my room lately. :)

First and foremost, the lighting in my room is so bad that I no longer enjoy self cam with my camera. While wearing his shirt, webcam will do for now I guess. :)

I got myself a room mate! 

I've never shared a bed with anyone, unless during travelling and stuff. Sometimes at night I would find myself waking up with her face right in front of mine lol. :O And then there's the space issue.. We have only one study table and only one dressing table so comes the territory war, lol.

Reminds me of the times me and sis used to share a room- the good and the bad. Lol, still need some getting used to but I'm not complaining. :)

So far, my things ie. books and laptop are dominating the table. :P But it's not like i'm bullying her or anything! I use our table more so yea.

Got myself dictionaries- for Law and also French.

Fyi I'm taking French as my university elective. There's only 2 electives for us Law school students, Basic Chinese or French. If you've had formal Chinese education before, then you are not allowed to take chinese. So yea lol, not much of an elective I guess.

Bonjour! Comment allez vous? ;)

Borrowed this book from the school library. Haven't finish reading but so far, I find this book very beneficial. :)

 It advises you on the mindset you should have when you choose this course, the skills you need to acquire to be a successful Law student, good books recommended before you start your course, how to excel in the studies and etc. Pity I did not discover this book earlier! Recommended to Law-student-want-to-bes. :)

My 2012 Starbucks Planner has reached October already. It's been a month now since I've been here. :)

My favourite Starbucks beverage is Java Chips Frap. My favourite person to enjoy it with is? Oh man there's no question, only one name popped into my mind and you know who you are. :) I'm missing those moments.

Picture was taken the night before last. Stayed up till 3 doing my Constitutional Law tutorial questions for the next day.

Recently, i think i'm getting deprived of sleep. Full day classes almost everyday, 8-5.30. After that I get home, bathe and rest awhile, then off to study. Sometimes I slack la, but yea. Time is seriously not enough. A chapter or less than that could take up to more than 2 hours of reading and then you left not much time to do anything else. SO DEPRESSING. TT

If I go insane one day, I'm glad at least you, my readers, know why. Lol. Signing off! Good night :)

With all the love,

Monday, September 24, 2012

TGIF Fridays @ The Curve

I feel awfully lucky because I have superb nice housemates that I have so much fun hanging out with. We spent our last Sunday at The Curve together. :)

And school is very hectic Monday to Friday! I'm glad I get to go out on weekends and have some fun, that I don't have to coop myself between home and school everyday. I doubt in the future I still get to do this, when assignments and exams start to kick in- but at least for now I do. :)

Garden- A restaurant I wanna come with my boyfie some day in the future. The restaurant looks very nice for a date! :)

Garden is super pretty at night as well- better than day view if I may say. It should be a romantic place with a serene setting for romantic night outs for couples. BUT there's a pub located right across the street to the restaurant, bombing loud music all night that it spoils everything. I don't know why they do that?

A candid shot by my housemate. Hey mister why are you starring at me like that? :) lol

So that night we had dinner at TGIF Fridays. :) I love the diner but the music was just too noisy that it ruinned my the first dining experience there, so I don't think I'll be going back there for another meal la.

No doubt the food was nice and they were served in big portions. Fyi the blurred first and last pictures were not taken by me thank you very much. ;)

As I mentioned, The Curve is extra pretty during the night. And sometimes when you walk by some restaurants you can hear jazz music playing. So tempted to have a cup of Starbucks there. That is the life. :)

Had Mcflurry before heading back. Till the next weekend! :)

With all the love,