Friday, September 14, 2012

Bits of Uni Life

Two weeks into the new sem and we are already studying like tomorrow's the finals, lol. Went to Mcd's one day after class to have lunch/study. I have a handsome classmate over there- Yea, I noticed. ;)

There was a performance at the Ice Skating Rink that day. The unknown band is called The London Boys. They sang covers of popular songs like One Thing, Just The Way You Are etc and probably one or two originals that we don't know of.

This guy in the middle is really cute though. :))

My girls. :) We they call ourselves the A-Team, or the Incredible 4 or something rather hahaha. Picture was taken on a KTM ride to KL to visit a law firm the other day.

Uni life is alright so far. :))

I'm glad I got to know lots of nice people. Some not very close yet but it's that best feeling ever when you know you are not alone. Especially when you're a shy person in a new place full of strangers and all. Studies are alright but I feel like I'm slacking recently gotta put more effort into it.. Other than that, everything else is great so don't worry bout me. :)

There are so many things that can be blogged about during school days- friends, how we spent after-class hours, where we went for lunches and stuff. But I never bother to bring my camera to school on a daily basis, so no posts of those awesome random moments. :( Maybe I should start making it a habit of bringing my camera to school everyday?

With all the love,


Allysha said...

Hehe we'll have MORE study sessions like that as we approach finals :/

kxin♥ said...

but as long as it's with you guys I don't mind. ;)