Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brian's Bday @ Howdy

It was the day before the day before the day I fly off. Lol, do the math. ;)

Spent the whole afternoon with the girls at The Spring. :)

It was our last gathering before we separate- Ive and Pris studying in Kch, while CThin is going off to Sabah if not mistaken. Pris wrote a farewell card for me and Thin and that was so sweet of her! And I actually love it enough to have brought the card along with me over here. I'm so loved. :)

The night was spent at Howdy's, Titanium celebrating Brian's birthday. :)

Howdy's a western diner speciallizes in pork ribs and the ribs are REALLY nice (not exaggerating) so do go try them when you have the chance! And the co-manager told me that they will be having a franchise in KL soon. KL peopple, go try too. :D

The classic Root Beer. Nothing different in taste but I love the bottle packaging. They serve Ginger Beer as well. :)

Pork Ribs. And the super yummy wings- A must-try!

The perks of having to sit near the birthday boy- the Monster Ribs. :D

The super friendly new friend/co-manager of the diner Wendy, helped us to cut the ribs into fine portions for us. And the birthday boy enjoying his ribs. :)

Birthday boy got 2 cakes bought for him by two different batch of friends. :) The gorgeous red one was from Lof Bakery.

A word for the birthday boy: Once again, Happy Belated Birthday my future-doctor friend! All the best in all your future undertakings and I'll see you soon. :))

Actually wanted to hang out with Lydia, Dawson and the guys before heading back but wasn't in time to do so. :( But I'm sure we'll get to meet again soon.. All in all a day well spent. :)

With all the love,

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