Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fish & Co. @ One Utama

Picture taken last weekend in the taxi with the housemates, on our way to 1 Utama Shopping Mall. :)

Multiple sections of the mall had pretty Mid Autumn Festival decorations all around. :) Just a thought, the mall is so different now as compared to how I remembered it a few years ago!

Candylicious. Just by being in the colourful, chocolate & candy-filled store alone had made my day. :) The people there were even nice enough to give out free candy to visitors!

Left the store with a bag of Kisses for the lovely classmates. :) Had so much fun asking around "Do you want kisses from me?" whole day long, lol.

Lavender- a gorgeous, classy bakery/restaurant. The restaurant is added to my long list of restaurants I want to try.

Had lunch at The Chicken Rice shop.

The lunch set was inclusive of bean sprouts, popiah, a drink and a dessert. I still prefer Chicken Eating House and also Singapore Chicken Rice in Kuching though. :/

After a long day of shopping, we had dinner at Fish & Co before heading back.

New York Fish & Chips.

They offer a wide variety of Fish & Chips dishes- Apart from the New York Fish & Chips, there are the Swiss Fish & Chips, Singapore Fish & Chips and Italian Fish & Chips, to name a few.

Fettuccine with cream of mushroom.

My Baked Seafood Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

I love everything seafood from mussels to calamari and the pasta was good so I enjoyed this dish very much. Only down point was that, I mistakenly thought that it was 'Cheese Baked Seafood Spaghetti' so I expected the dish to be topped with a thick layer of cheese.

Good environment with good food. Our waiter that night was a very nice gentleman, so service was good too! A triple threat restaurant. Recommended. :)

Black outfit for the day. Wore my first puplum top from Seed. :)

Tomorrow is the annual Mid Autumn Festival. I think this is my first Moon Cake Festival away from home- and my first Moon Cake Festival without having to actually eat a moon cake. :( So to all of you guys out there who are celebrating the festival with your families, and are now munching on a big slice of yummy mooncake, do realize that you are oh so lucky. :)

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone! 

With all the love,

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