Monday, September 24, 2012

TGIF Fridays @ The Curve

I feel awfully lucky because I have superb nice housemates that I have so much fun hanging out with. We spent our last Sunday at The Curve together. :)

And school is very hectic Monday to Friday! I'm glad I get to go out on weekends and have some fun, that I don't have to coop myself between home and school everyday. I doubt in the future I still get to do this, when assignments and exams start to kick in- but at least for now I do. :)

Garden- A restaurant I wanna come with my boyfie some day in the future. The restaurant looks very nice for a date! :)

Garden is super pretty at night as well- better than day view if I may say. It should be a romantic place with a serene setting for romantic night outs for couples. BUT there's a pub located right across the street to the restaurant, bombing loud music all night that it spoils everything. I don't know why they do that?

A candid shot by my housemate. Hey mister why are you starring at me like that? :) lol

So that night we had dinner at TGIF Fridays. :) I love the diner but the music was just too noisy that it ruinned my the first dining experience there, so I don't think I'll be going back there for another meal la.

No doubt the food was nice and they were served in big portions. Fyi the blurred first and last pictures were not taken by me thank you very much. ;)

As I mentioned, The Curve is extra pretty during the night. And sometimes when you walk by some restaurants you can hear jazz music playing. So tempted to have a cup of Starbucks there. That is the life. :)

Had Mcflurry before heading back. Till the next weekend! :)

With all the love,

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