Friday, September 21, 2012

To you. :)

I hate it
That I have so many reasons to tell myself I should not love you
But I love you
Because i have so many reasons to. :)

I’m happiest when we are together
How we can laugh like crazy
And feel so at home around each other
Our late night phone calls and good night texts
Your random calls to tell me that you miss me
Our seldom Skype sessions
Your tweets and Fb posts about us
How you would patiently allow me to go out with guys, even though you hate me doing so
When you satisfy my random Laksa cravings, And give me all the prawns
When you introduce me to your family and friends, Like you want me to be a part of your life
When you call me beautiful, and mean it
When you tell me, that you never loved anyone else as much.

Okay I feel like i'm the cheesiest person ever right now lol

Everyone knows that I’m not a believer in long distance relationships. LONG DISTANCE SUCKS.

We made a deal to end things before I go off to study back then. But when time came, you convinced me you don’t want us to end just like that, and so I held on too.

Now that I’m here and we’re an ocean apart.. When I look at couples happy together, I would think of the times when we are like them, and I would smile to myself. When I look at couples that don’t talk to each other during meals; When the guy don’t hold on to their girl’s hands; When the guy left the girl chasing after him, I feel sad for them but on the contrary, I feel happy inside because we are not like that. :)

As both of us are getting more and more occupied with our own things, school and friends, we both noticed our time for each other is becoming less now. Let’s just please work hard together. Okay?


Hugs and kisses
And all the love in the world,

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