Friday, October 12, 2012

Pink Day

It was a Tuesday and it was Pink Day in our class. :D It was a random thought of a classmate, just to tease our temporary lecturer that wore pink to our class last week lol.

People kept telling me my top was peach and not pink. So frustrating lol. It's baby pink!! Be my judge?

Hi Patrick, and Raymond...?

Lol I mean, Hi Patrick & Raymond! :D

The lovelies in pink. :D And they were other friends who wore pink too but I didn't manage to take a picture of them. :/

I love Tyy Pei's hair a lot! Dear Keryn, stop posting ugly pictures of yourself, okay?

It was kinda disappointing because this was what I expect the whole of my class to look like that day..

But not so close. :/ Some people don't have pink clothes, a minority were just not sporting enough. So yea lor. :(

New classmate! :D See what Law school does to us...?

Patrick and my yummy Yankee burgers- lamb and beef respectively. Damn nice, and the patties are so soft! Students please proceed to the Norwegian Sandwich outlet to purchase one. :D

Girl, I know things happened 
and you can't afford the distractions right now.
But do know that if anything, 
we'll be here for you.
Just take your time to sort things out, 
and recollect yourself. Okay?
We love you. :)

With all the love,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shoes, Dictionary and the Letter

It was during a random phone call night I don't remember when, I mentioned that when I return home the next time, I wanna bring over my dancing shoes and dictionary. 

He asked,
"Which shoes?''
I said,
"The brown pair. The one that I've been dancing in since forever but never damaged,"
"Why do you need  the dictionary? I thought you bought a Law dictionary.
Why not leave the one at home for the family to use?'''
"I don't know a lot of words. My vocab sucks.
And I need it for exams. We can't use the Law dictionary for the exams.."

It was just one of those random topics we brought up and talked about.

His sister went back to Kuching to see family and returned a few days ago. We met up for dinner last Friday night, and she handed over a plastic bag to me. To my surprise, it contained the shoes and dictionary mentioned. After our conversation he actually went to my house to get those items, and asked his sister to bring them over to me. 

It was really sweet and thoughtful of him. :)

The bulky things, that I wanted to but didn't bring over in the first place, are now here with me. :')

When I was about to put away the things, I found a note in my shoe.

Written in his adorable messy very recognizable writing, the note says, (New 8th Edition) Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary- pg 1190 (23).

So I flipped to page 1190.

And found a hand written letter right there between the pages.

I read the letter, and tears fell. :') He's not the kinda guy that writes letters, and sadly, I lost the first ever letter he wrote to me. I won't lose this one, I promised myself.

Still, I didn't know what does the (23) mean. I thought of it for awhile, then randomly tried to count the words from the start of the page..

And that was the 23rd word. :')

What he did wasn't much, but it was so touching. TT

However, the timing was so bad because we were kinda unhappy recently due to some minor issues. Later that night after I found the letter, we got into a big fight. :'(

With all the love,