Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fright Night

Going to uni's Halloween party/event, Fright Night. :) Wanted to dress up as a police officer but I dunno where to find good costumes. So yea, looked like I was going on a date or something lol. Oh wells.

Asymmetrical dress from Cotton On. Love the colour. :)

The robber and the terrorist were my ride to Fright Night. ;)

Or were they both terrorists? Lol either way, it felt safe walking with them haha.

Random shots of people in their awesome Halloween costumes. The doll is a friend but I couldn't recognize her at first. Yea her costume was THAT good. :D Cat lady was so hot!

With a friend who dressed up as a Vampire. She said I looked like I was going to prom. TT

The entrance to the Great Hall, entrance of Haunted House, the stage and the crowd.

Remember the hot MC I mentioned during my Orientation post?

Stating the obvious he dressed up as a woman, with dress and heels and all. Not a very pleasant view lol, but it's nice that he's always so sporting. :) It takes a real man to be able to make fun of himself once in awhile! Would be better if he had a wig on though lol.


Power rangers. Horrible costumes hahhaha. But at least they dressed up. :/

The nominees for the best dressed competition. Can you tell what they are? ;)

The best dressed male went to the Banana man and the best dressed female was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Personally I would love for Dumbledore to win best dressed but yea.

Blogger friend Janice. :) Her make up was awesome, with cracks and scars and stuff but you can't see them thru this picture. :/

Spend the rest of the night with friends from the dance club. Had supper at Mcd and shared our relationship issues till the wee hours in the morning before heading back. :)

Expected more from this event. There was no dance floor and I missed the after party at Vertigo. :/ But nonetheless it was a fun night. :)

With all the love,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Sis

This is my little sister. We were born 2 years apart. 
When we fight, we fight like enemies. But when we’re good, we’re awesome.

It's a never ending love hate relationship.

When we were young, we constantly got into quarrels with each other. 

Sometimes we'd even get into cat fights.
The fights, I was always the one who started them because I'm the hot tempered one.
She'd talk back at me and I'd run up to her and start hitting her.
I would pull her hair, she would punch me back and kick with all her might. 
Then I would cry. It always ended like that lol. 

Randomly recalled this.
There was once when we were still little, I was laughing with my sis bout something forgot what. 
A cousin of mine then asked me, “I thought you hate her? Cuz you guys always fight.” 
Like hello? We fight, but that does not mean I hate my sister. 
It's a sibling thing okay. Stupid cousin.

This girl knows how to make me laugh just like that. 
I can be myself around her and I always have the most fun when I’m with her. 
We do the silliest things when we are together.

Here's a picture of her leg and I. :)

I have so many horrible pictures of her sleeping.
But I managed to resist the temptation of posting them here!
That's how much I love her lololol.

She felt that I'm the prettier one (even tho I think otherwise).
The smarter one, the one that sings and dances better..

How was it like to grow up constantly feeling over-shadowed?
It must be horrible to be in that position.
I don't think I give her enough credit. :(

She use to love following me around. 
She wanna go out with me and my friends,
I dislike sharing, so I always said no.

I remember once, it was Chinese new year and I invited my friends over. 
I asked her to stay upstairs.
I can't believe i actually asked her to stay upstairs.

She didn't stay upstairs, she joined my friends, and we had fun together.
But still, it was really mean of me!

I love trying on clothes. She'd always wanna follow me into the dressing room.
I would reluctantly let her in. 
I always ask her to look away because I’m very self-conscious bout my body. 
Accidentally or not, I would scold her if she actually looks.

Sometimes I would jokingly say, ‘How nice would it be if you were not born. Just me and lil bro.’
Sometimes I would tell her I love lil bro more than I love her.

I don't mean what I say, and that I do love her, but I can't imagine how hurt she must have felt.

I imagine myself in her shoes. And if I was her I would have hated me.

She got into the hospital once because Vanilla bit her. 
My heart broke when I saw the nurse poking the needle into her arm.
I had school so I couldn't accompany her at the hospital the 2 nights she stayed there.

I felt bad. I was never there for her when she needed me.

I cried, because it hurt seeing her in the ward.
I'm always the healthier one. I rarely get sick and I never got into the hospital.
For once I thought she would die. I thought I would lose her.

A few months ago, we got into a big fight. 

It was a small issue really, but I overreacted and we stopped talking after that. 
Mum kept telling me that sis wanna make up with me, 
but I refused to reconcile because I said, she didn't apologize. 
Because of my ego, the cold war went on and on.

Sometime after, we started talking again. 
It was awkward at first and all, yet we were making progress.
But before you know it, another fight broke out. And again, we stopped talking to each other. 

It felt like ages till we started talking again., and it was the awkward situation once more.
But by the time that happened I already had to go off to study.
So yea, we never really got the chance to go back to how close we used to be.

Shouldn't have wasted so much time fighting.
Should have made up when we got the chance to. I regret it so much.

Her birthday was yesterday. This is the first time I'm away on her birthday I think.
I wanted to write this post yesterday but my timing was off and I missed the chance. :(

It came late but yea.
Happy Birthday bev. 
Sorry I didn't get you any presents! But do know that I love you and I miss you horribly.

Jie jie is sorry. Sorry you have to put up with my horrible attitude and ego. :(
I said this to Mum once and I'll say it to you too,
if you ever need a kidney or what, I won't hesitate to give you mine.
I won't give you up for anything cuz you are THAT important to me.

With all the love,