Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival dinner

This is a horrible picture of me and it should not be used as the first picture to start this post. :)

Rewind back to 30th September, which is the Mid Autumn Festival itself.

At first we all said we'd stay in this weekend and don't go anywhere. But it felt so sad that we wouldn't get to celebrate moon cake fest. So in the end, we decided to Mid Valley mall to eat dinner together. excuse to get out of the house :D

We were so lucky, to be in time for the last day of the Malaysia's 6th Chocolate and Candy Fair 2012. We had so many free chocolates till we were full lol. No complaints there. :D

Fyi, Chocolates make girls happy. Strawberry fondue sticks as well. :)

Roomie chose the restaurant we ate at, a Japanese restaurant- Pasta Zonmai.

My homies and I. :)

Teriyaki Chicken, Seafood pasta stew (forgot the exact name) with Salmon Sashimi, Fried Chicken and Garlic Fried Rice (forgot the name of this dish as well heh).

The food was great. We were really demanding on the waiters that day but they were very patient with our requests so a plus to that. :D

For the first time ever. Pathetic I know lol, but we actually bought our own moon cakes. :(

I bought the Green Tea paste moon cake, favourite flavour. And it was RM19. I never bought a moon cake on my own, so I never knew a little thing like this cost this much. :S Haha, but at least I finally got to eat moon cakes. Didn't feel as sad after that. :)

Full after dinner so we decided to only have 3 moon cakes served. The waiter offered to help us slice and serve the moon cakes. Another plus there!

Here I wanna shout out to Dawson! Upon my silly request of asking him to Pos Laju moon cakes for me because I didn't have any moon cakes to eat, he actually agreed to do so. Asked for my apartment address so he could sent it some more. It was very very nice of him. Thanks man. :)

OutfitS of the day: Top bought by sis, Cotton On shorts. Roomie's cardigan from H&M. Homie's purple bodycon from Cotton On.

This year's lantern festival was celebrated without lanterns, handmade mooncakes, and family. But I have lovely homies to celebrate with and that's the best I could ask for. :)

With all the love,

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