Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stop bullying

Her name is Amanda Todd and she had been suffering from bullying. Ever since that little mistake she made on the internet once, her life came crashing down on her right after. She died not long ago, October 10th 2012.

Watch her video to know her story.

Boyfie told me about this video. I watched it and it was heart breaking. I can't help it but to write a post about it.

I can't imagine how would things be like if that actually happened to me. Can't believe some people are actually going through this shit every day of their lives. Can't imagine the pain, and how lonely she must have felt. :'(

And I can't believe even after knowing what she went through, people are actually still mean enough to do these things. I feel sad and really really angry inside. What's wrong with this world? Pictures from Google.

RIP Amanda. Stop bullying. 

With all the love,


Shabana Sultana said...

i just saw the video..this is so..idk what to say =(

-JoJo- said...

Discrimination is everywhere, every human are born to be different but bullying absolutely can't be tolerated.

Anyhow, suicide is the worst way to end this. She should stay calm and revenge. Torture them slowly and painful.

kxin♥ said...

She was all alone. I don't think she could have done anything as well. :( But yea, resorting to suicide should be the last thing to do.

Azrine Ajien said...

Do not be surprised. Though many people had seen somebody who was terribly wounded in his or her body and soul - which are result from bullying - the people still bully him or her - even in his/her death. This is because they do not have Love, Grace and Mercy from the Lord which is needed for them to reach out for those who have broken hearts.