Thursday, November 29, 2012

TGIF Fridays @ Sunway Pyramid

Had a lovely dinner with friends at TGIF last week. :) A short post for tonight will do. Didn't take any self-shot so a picture with Timothy will be used to start my post!

They were having a one-day promotion because it was the Chaswood Group Brand's opening of their 50th shop. 50% off all food items. "Expanding Your Waistline Since 2003," haha.

There were so many people there on that day.  Made an early reservation but only finally got to our seats after waiting for an hour plus. But the wait was worth it because we got all the awesome food for only 1/2 the price!

Ordered 2 starter platters. :) The wings and cheese sticks were awesome! Wasn't very fond of the baked potatoes but it was alright too. The dish was served with 3 sauces- cheese, tartar and chilli.

Look at how long the cheese could go. YUMS!

Competition held, lol.

Some of the delicious food we ordered. Fish & Chips, Burger, Chicken and Shrimp.

My dish- Beef steak, medium rare. And I love love love, the mash potatoes they have here. :)

With the girls after dinner. Food and company were all lovely. Had a great night. :)

WIth all the love,

P.S. It's 2.09am. Should be studying but I couldn't concentrate. Okay, back to the books!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black Forest

Some wrappers that I kept of the chocolates I received during my STPM times. 

A picture I took some years back. I forgot how they found out I like Black Forest but they did, and I became that happy fat girl. :) Sometimes in the morning, I would go to class and find a bar sitting on my table. Sometimes with a note attached. There were the sticky notes as well- which made up a beautiful part of my Form-6 years.

These small acts show that you're on their minds and they mean a lot because it's at times like these you'd feel reassured that you are important, and that you matter. At least to somebody, you are. Don't know what I did to deserve all these but yea, I am thankful for the love I received. Memories. :')

With all the love,