Friday, November 30, 2012


Mei tu xiu xiu is HORRIBLE because it made me look so pretty. LOL. Edited just for fun btw. Kay bye. :)

With all the love,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

TGIF Fridays @ Sunway Pyramid

Had a lovely dinner with friends at TGIF last week. :) A short post for tonight will do. Didn't take any self-shot so a picture with Timothy will be used to start my post!

They were having a one-day promotion because it was the Chaswood Group Brand's opening of their 50th shop. 50% off all food items. "Expanding Your Waistline Since 2003," haha.

There were so many people there on that day.  Made an early reservation but only finally got to our seats after waiting for an hour plus. But the wait was worth it because we got all the awesome food for only 1/2 the price!

Ordered 2 starter platters. :) The wings and cheese sticks were awesome! Wasn't very fond of the baked potatoes but it was alright too. The dish was served with 3 sauces- cheese, tartar and chilli.

Look at how long the cheese could go. YUMS!

Competition held, lol.

Some of the delicious food we ordered. Fish & Chips, Burger, Chicken and Shrimp.

My dish- Beef steak, medium rare. And I love love love, the mash potatoes they have here. :)

With the girls after dinner. Food and company were all lovely. Had a great night. :)

WIth all the love,

P.S. It's 2.09am. Should be studying but I couldn't concentrate. Okay, back to the books!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hang-out w/ the boys

With East and cousin Warren. :)

East is one of my secondary school bestie (if you follow my blog since long before surely you'd recognize him) and it's been a long while since I've last hung out with him! We met up at Sunway Pyramid last Sunday and spent the whole day together.

Had lunch at Pasta Zanmai. :) 

The last dish was mine and it was very nice! Salmon pasta with tons of veges. (Y) I would very much love to have this dish again the next round I visit! I apologize cuz this time I didn't bother to remember the names of the dishes, heh.

Then we went ice skating. :)

It was my first time ice-skating and personally I find it much harder then rollerblading. Roller skates are slipperier and you tend to fall more. But once you get the hang of it, you can slide fast and stuff. For ice-skating however, I find it very hard to move on the ice. Maybe it was that I don't know the technique, I practiced and practice yet at the end of the day I only could glide on the ice though at a very low speed so I wan't satisfied. :( Frustrating much!

 Spent Rm31 for the entrance fee and the gloves.

In the locker room when we first put on the shoes. It was a first time for both my cousin and I and for us, it was a traumatizing experience!

Us in ice-skates, group picture of the day. :)) The guys in checkers are East's housemates, Ah Kiat and Lucas.

There was a photographer on ice to take pictures of us for us to buy afterwards.

I was at the picture-choosing counter and there were a few pictures taken but I only got to snap this one lol. Got reproved by the guy at the counter for that. :(

We went to watch a movie after our ice-skating session.

Had the coke and regular popcorn set for only Rm8.90. The size of the regular popcorn here is equivalent to the large popcorn back home and the set cost less than the large popcorn set back there. Sigh, Kuching cinemas why you like this. :(

Watched Cold War starring Aaron Kuok, Tony Leong and some other Hong Kong actors. 

I am not very fond of Hong Kong dramas and movies cuz like what i've mentioned before, I don't understand Cantonese. :( I depended solely on the subtitles through out and i find it saddddd lol. But movie turned out quite nice so I'm not gonna complain. :)

Plot was okay. Typical police-criminal drama with kidnapping and money and dramatic fight scenes and explosions and car chases etc please ask me to stop. I didn't understand the whole drama until the dramatic reveal in the last scene. It either I was blur through out the whole movie or that it was supposed to be like that, I have no idea.

Rate 6.5/10. First movie only after living in KL for almost 3 months! 

Picture with handsome East and the stupid Japanese giant plushie thing to end my post for today. :) Outfit for the day: maroon sweater and floral skirt- Mango // beige flats - Vincci.

With all the love,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Say It Again

Say It Again - Marie Digby

The thing about LOVE is I never saw it coming
It kinda crept up and took me by surprise
And now there's a voice inside my heart that's got me wondering
Is it true? I wanna hear it one more time

Move in a little closer
Take it to a whisper
Just a little louder

Say it again for me
Cuz I love the way it feel when you are telling me that I'm
The only one who blows your mind
Say it again for me
It's like the whole world stops to listen
When you tell me you're in love
Say it again

The thing about you is you just know how to get me
You talk about US like there's no end in sight
The thing about me is that I really wanna let you
Open that door and walk into my life..

I love this song since forever and decided to record an impromptu video singing a short one for you guys. :) Hope you guys don't hate it lol!

I think this is my first time posting me singing on my blog. Sorry about the shitty quality of this video, took it with my webcam. I don't have big lung volume so usually when I sing, I sing soft and use a lot of falsetto. Notice that I couldn't keep still in the video, lol. Would be so much nicer if I play the guitar singing it but I can't play so yea lor. :( 

With all the love,

Delicious @ Sunway Pyramid

Hi. :) I've been busy but my Mum misses me so I'm here to update a little!

So it was the Thursday of my holiday week. I was fussing about wanting to have western food so my roommate and I went to Delicious to have dinner together. :)

The lovely Delicious, Sunway Pyramid. :) 

I was at the Midvalley branch of Delicious the last round and I think it was prettier than this franchise. Well I didn't try the main courses there, and Sunway is nearest to my place so Sunway's branch it is.

Roomie had the Spaghetti Bolognese and I had the Classic Beef Lasagna.

Meatballs on the spaghetti dish was delish. The portion looks small but it was definitely filling, and by the time we were a third from finishing our dishes we were already stuffed! Price was alright and was worth every penny.

It's been awhile since I last had a good, fulfilling A+ lasagna. :) 

Pasta and cheese and beef all A+ lol. The salad was nice as well, and it helps balance out the meal. Growing fond of salads lately.

50% of all desserts from the cake counter from 9pm onwards every Sunday to Thursday. What a promotion. :) After a shopping trip around the mall, we returned to Delicious for their desserts.

Roomie had the Banana Peach Crumble and Vanilla Ice-cream. I think it was so so, kinda dry.

And I had the Chocolicious Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream.

When you cut the cake in half, the chocolate oozes out from the center of the cake.

What a scene! FATTTT. It was to be eaten with the cake as sauce and it was so yummy. But sadly I was still full from dinner so I couldn't fully enjoy it.

All in all, the dinner, desserts and the whole dining experience were above satisfactory. A rating of 8/10 well deserved. :)

P.S. My photo uploads has reached maximum quota in Bloggers and I couldn't upload anymore pictures. I thought it was the end of the world my blog! Luckily Jojo saved the day by introducing me to Photobucket and now I'm a happy blogger once more. :DD Thanks!

With all the love,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mid-sem Break

I'll be having my mid-sem holidays from today onward till Sunday. :D

A month ago or so mum said to me, if you want to come back to Kuching for the holidays, you can. I said, it's okay I'll be fine. She reconfirmed with me weeks before. But now came the time, I'm sort of regretting my choice of staying lol. I've noticed 2 friends in KL are now back home to Kch. Awwww.

I miss my family and friends. And him. :( But I have no worries about them, cuz I know they won't forget me. My only concern is Vanilla. I'm so scared for the fact that he's so used to my absence, he might have forgotten all about me. When I go home around 3 months later, I hope I get to see him running towards me just like I never left before. Please don't bark at me Vanilla it'll hurt so much. :(

My girls and I after our 2nd presentation together. :) Picture from Anita's phone. We talked on the topic, Children Trafficking for our Legal Skills presentation. I think we did alright. :)

A picture which I love. The filter made us look so fair and I love it. xx

Dessert with Vida and Timothy at Tong Pak Fu one random night some time ago. :) 

The dessert house is nice! The shaved ice is like what we get from Igloo, but better because we get to have a wide variety of choices here. I'm surprised to find out that we don't have Igloo here! We don't have Hielo here either. :(

Update: Battery charger suddenly alright. Cam battery fully charged now! I'm so lucky. :D :D

With all the love,


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black Forest

Some wrappers that I kept of the chocolates I received during my STPM times. 

A picture I took some years back. I forgot how they found out I like Black Forest but they did, and I became that happy fat girl. :) Sometimes in the morning, I would go to class and find a bar sitting on my table. Sometimes with a note attached. There were the sticky notes as well- which made up a beautiful part of my Form-6 years.

These small acts show that you're on their minds and they mean a lot because it's at times like these you'd feel reassured that you are important, and that you matter. At least to somebody, you are. Don't know what I did to deserve all these but yea, I am thankful for the love I received. Memories. :')

With all the love,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sisters meet-up

Went to Bukit Bintang that day to meet up with the sisters from Kuching. :) Currently studying in Perlis, the girls came down to KL to spend a few days of their mid-term hols before heading off to Ipoh.

Picture above is the current Facebook profile picture. From this I got friends asking me whether I lost weight. Sad but true NOPE. Hahaha, camera angle I guess. :/

We met up at H&M and had lunch together at Sushi Zonmai, Fahrenheit. :)

With dearest Vivy. 2 months apart felt like forever. :(

The sushi dishes we had, and Waffles with Ice-cream and Crunchy Chocolate as dessert. 

I love this assemble I put together in the dressing room. :)

With Vivy. :)

Top- Nichii // floral shorts- Forever 21// bag- Vincci

Pretty beige top from Brands Outlet.

Another gorgeous sister of mine, ChinThin. :D Said you hate taking pictures with me because I'm pretty lolol. Aww but no I don't think so. You're prettier!

Us three. :)

Snowflake for the first time! :) 

3 bowls shared among us 5, of flavors Soya Bean, Grass Jelly and Green Tea. Never really wanted to try Snowflake because I dislike the Chinese ingredients int there like lotus seeds and stuff but it was better than expected. Love the black sesame balls!

Brought roomie out with me.

But she was so unlucky that day! Was supposed to join the girls for dinner at KLCC that night but due to the unlucky incident I didn't get to do so. :(( Yeah, I'm complaining. Lol. Do be more careful next time kay! :)

Outfit of the day- Nichii casual top and Forever 21 shorts.

Next day, brought the lovies around the uni for a tour. :) With new friend Stephanie who recognized me from tuition back in our secondary school years lol. Legs so short I can't even.

Don't know when will I see them again. :( Till the next time girls!

With all the love,