Friday, November 23, 2012

Delicious @ Sunway Pyramid

Hi. :) I've been busy but my Mum misses me so I'm here to update a little!

So it was the Thursday of my holiday week. I was fussing about wanting to have western food so my roommate and I went to Delicious to have dinner together. :)

The lovely Delicious, Sunway Pyramid. :) 

I was at the Midvalley branch of Delicious the last round and I think it was prettier than this franchise. Well I didn't try the main courses there, and Sunway is nearest to my place so Sunway's branch it is.

Roomie had the Spaghetti Bolognese and I had the Classic Beef Lasagna.

Meatballs on the spaghetti dish was delish. The portion looks small but it was definitely filling, and by the time we were a third from finishing our dishes we were already stuffed! Price was alright and was worth every penny.

It's been awhile since I last had a good, fulfilling A+ lasagna. :) 

Pasta and cheese and beef all A+ lol. The salad was nice as well, and it helps balance out the meal. Growing fond of salads lately.

50% of all desserts from the cake counter from 9pm onwards every Sunday to Thursday. What a promotion. :) After a shopping trip around the mall, we returned to Delicious for their desserts.

Roomie had the Banana Peach Crumble and Vanilla Ice-cream. I think it was so so, kinda dry.

And I had the Chocolicious Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream.

When you cut the cake in half, the chocolate oozes out from the center of the cake.

What a scene! FATTTT. It was to be eaten with the cake as sauce and it was so yummy. But sadly I was still full from dinner so I couldn't fully enjoy it.

All in all, the dinner, desserts and the whole dining experience were above satisfactory. A rating of 8/10 well deserved. :)

P.S. My photo uploads has reached maximum quota in Bloggers and I couldn't upload anymore pictures. I thought it was the end of the world my blog! Luckily Jojo saved the day by introducing me to Photobucket and now I'm a happy blogger once more. :DD Thanks!

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-JoJo- said...

Blog is your life.

I save your life.

You are welcome.



kxin♥ said...

Yes you did! I owe you. Chia you makan if you come KL. :P