Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hang-out w/ the boys

With East and cousin Warren. :)

East is one of my secondary school bestie (if you follow my blog since long before surely you'd recognize him) and it's been a long while since I've last hung out with him! We met up at Sunway Pyramid last Sunday and spent the whole day together.

Had lunch at Pasta Zanmai. :) 

The last dish was mine and it was very nice! Salmon pasta with tons of veges. (Y) I would very much love to have this dish again the next round I visit! I apologize cuz this time I didn't bother to remember the names of the dishes, heh.

Then we went ice skating. :)

It was my first time ice-skating and personally I find it much harder then rollerblading. Roller skates are slipperier and you tend to fall more. But once you get the hang of it, you can slide fast and stuff. For ice-skating however, I find it very hard to move on the ice. Maybe it was that I don't know the technique, I practiced and practice yet at the end of the day I only could glide on the ice though at a very low speed so I wan't satisfied. :( Frustrating much!

 Spent Rm31 for the entrance fee and the gloves.

In the locker room when we first put on the shoes. It was a first time for both my cousin and I and for us, it was a traumatizing experience!

Us in ice-skates, group picture of the day. :)) The guys in checkers are East's housemates, Ah Kiat and Lucas.

There was a photographer on ice to take pictures of us for us to buy afterwards.

I was at the picture-choosing counter and there were a few pictures taken but I only got to snap this one lol. Got reproved by the guy at the counter for that. :(

We went to watch a movie after our ice-skating session.

Had the coke and regular popcorn set for only Rm8.90. The size of the regular popcorn here is equivalent to the large popcorn back home and the set cost less than the large popcorn set back there. Sigh, Kuching cinemas why you like this. :(

Watched Cold War starring Aaron Kuok, Tony Leong and some other Hong Kong actors. 

I am not very fond of Hong Kong dramas and movies cuz like what i've mentioned before, I don't understand Cantonese. :( I depended solely on the subtitles through out and i find it saddddd lol. But movie turned out quite nice so I'm not gonna complain. :)

Plot was okay. Typical police-criminal drama with kidnapping and money and dramatic fight scenes and explosions and car chases etc please ask me to stop. I didn't understand the whole drama until the dramatic reveal in the last scene. It either I was blur through out the whole movie or that it was supposed to be like that, I have no idea.

Rate 6.5/10. First movie only after living in KL for almost 3 months! 

Picture with handsome East and the stupid Japanese giant plushie thing to end my post for today. :) Outfit for the day: maroon sweater and floral skirt- Mango // beige flats - Vincci.

With all the love,


Pasta Zanmai said...

Hi there!

Thank you for patronizing Pasta Zanmai! We are glad that you have enjoyed your visit with us.

Have a nice day ahead & we hope to serve you again soon. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Warm regards,
Management of Pasta Zanmai

kxin♥ said...


Haha I didn't expect that. You're welcome! :))

"East said...

I just realize this post. Still in love with your blog although follow it for a long time. Your post always gives people different kind of feeling from the previous post. Will u mind if I take the photo of us in your blog&post it on facebook? Lots of people would envy me for taking photo with u. haha *vainglorious*

kxin♥ said...

Sorry East I just saw your reply. :)

Haha I don't mind. Go ahead! Glad to see you enjoying this post too. :P