Monday, November 12, 2012

Mid-sem Break

I'll be having my mid-sem holidays from today onward till Sunday. :D

A month ago or so mum said to me, if you want to come back to Kuching for the holidays, you can. I said, it's okay I'll be fine. She reconfirmed with me weeks before. But now came the time, I'm sort of regretting my choice of staying lol. I've noticed 2 friends in KL are now back home to Kch. Awwww.

I miss my family and friends. And him. :( But I have no worries about them, cuz I know they won't forget me. My only concern is Vanilla. I'm so scared for the fact that he's so used to my absence, he might have forgotten all about me. When I go home around 3 months later, I hope I get to see him running towards me just like I never left before. Please don't bark at me Vanilla it'll hurt so much. :(

My girls and I after our 2nd presentation together. :) Picture from Anita's phone. We talked on the topic, Children Trafficking for our Legal Skills presentation. I think we did alright. :)

A picture which I love. The filter made us look so fair and I love it. xx

Dessert with Vida and Timothy at Tong Pak Fu one random night some time ago. :) 

The dessert house is nice! The shaved ice is like what we get from Igloo, but better because we get to have a wide variety of choices here. I'm surprised to find out that we don't have Igloo here! We don't have Hielo here either. :(

Update: Battery charger suddenly alright. Cam battery fully charged now! I'm so lucky. :D :D

With all the love,



-JoJo- said...

Top 3 photos are the prettiest photos I ever view today.


kxin♥ said...

Awwww thanks! :) Hahaha don't crap la.

-JoJo- said...

JoJo never give fake compliment. Did you change your phone num?

Anywhere, I read about KL's hamsap taxi driver, kindly please be careful when go out.



Have a nice day.

kxin♥ said...

Phone num still the same. I'm lucky because I never met hamsap taxi drivers before. But thanks for sharing! :)