Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sisters meet-up

Went to Bukit Bintang that day to meet up with the sisters from Kuching. :) Currently studying in Perlis, the girls came down to KL to spend a few days of their mid-term hols before heading off to Ipoh.

Picture above is the current Facebook profile picture. From this I got friends asking me whether I lost weight. Sad but true NOPE. Hahaha, camera angle I guess. :/

We met up at H&M and had lunch together at Sushi Zonmai, Fahrenheit. :)

With dearest Vivy. 2 months apart felt like forever. :(

The sushi dishes we had, and Waffles with Ice-cream and Crunchy Chocolate as dessert. 

I love this assemble I put together in the dressing room. :)

With Vivy. :)

Top- Nichii // floral shorts- Forever 21// bag- Vincci

Pretty beige top from Brands Outlet.

Another gorgeous sister of mine, ChinThin. :D Said you hate taking pictures with me because I'm pretty lolol. Aww but no I don't think so. You're prettier!

Us three. :)

Snowflake for the first time! :) 

3 bowls shared among us 5, of flavors Soya Bean, Grass Jelly and Green Tea. Never really wanted to try Snowflake because I dislike the Chinese ingredients int there like lotus seeds and stuff but it was better than expected. Love the black sesame balls!

Brought roomie out with me.

But she was so unlucky that day! Was supposed to join the girls for dinner at KLCC that night but due to the unlucky incident I didn't get to do so. :(( Yeah, I'm complaining. Lol. Do be more careful next time kay! :)

Outfit of the day- Nichii casual top and Forever 21 shorts.

Next day, brought the lovies around the uni for a tour. :) With new friend Stephanie who recognized me from tuition back in our secondary school years lol. Legs so short I can't even.

Don't know when will I see them again. :( Till the next time girls!

With all the love,


Haruchan said...

Too bad cant join you guys the 2nd day..
(went back to Kuching that day)

See you soon~~

kxin♥ said...

Aww it's okay. But I forgot to take a picture with you with all the chaos happening that day. :/

We'll meet soon kay? Take care! :)

Haruchan said...