Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas x Starbucks Planner

Finals just ended today and hello three months break. :)

Celebrated with friends at Neway Karaoke, then went home and passed out for 6 hours straight. So here I'm now, wide awake and zombiefied. My sleep schedule is so effed messed up these few weeks but I will try to bring it back to the optimum that is to sleep early and wake up early pffft doubt it lol but i'll try.

Picture of my English Legal System paper taken after coming back home after the exam. This paper was alright I think. :)

And I'm only appreciative of the Chatime we have in Uni whenever I see people queuing up long in malls to get theirs while we can get ours without queue and long waits. :P Very thankful.

But for one thing, I'm worried about my Constitutional Law paper cuz I don't think I did enough. :C (I usually call it Consti law but when non-law-course friends hear me saying consti law they'd think of constipation) Studied and all, but thing was that I don't know how to apply in answering the questions. I'm very concerned about it. :(

Anyways, I was so happy that I got to see Daddy and lil bro on Christmas night. It's been too long!  I guess I did get to celebrate Christmas after all. :)

Daddy and Lil bro went to Singapore for the Universal studios and Johor for Legoland but they came up to KL before flying home the next day just to see me. They suffered a 5-hour drive from Johor to KL, just to see me. I was so touched. :')

Lil bro and I were going on and on talking and laughing bout Running Man episodes we watched separately cuz we used to always watch Running Man together before I came here. The night was priceless. :')

Had our Christmas dinner at Bar-b-q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid. :) 

Had the family deluxe set. Daddy and bro ate their meats with rice but I love having mine wrapped and eaten with the raw veges. And I love the thick udon. Was still hungry after dinner because Dad and I let lil bro eat most of the meat lol.

Service was awesome, never-ending refills of tea and sauce. Wrote about this place once when I first got here and recommended it. I'm still gonna recommend it. :)

So we were walking around the mall then I suddenly noticed lil bro's shoes. That instant I noticed it was Crocs I was like, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?"

Personally I'm against Crocs despite the fact that people keep telling me how comfortable they are. I think these shoes with holes in them are just purely horrid. :( But I guess this pair is okayyyy la. I mean, at least the design Daddy picked is so much nicer compared to those neon plastic-lookalike ones. Still. I would never in a million years.

Moving on, I got the 2013 Starbucks planner!! :D

This one I got it for the great friend of mine who got me my 2012 planner, which I super love. :3 There's a promotion going on that you can also get your 2nd 2013 Planner for only Rm45 but I'm not sure whether or not I want to get one for myself. Still thinking about it.

For those who are also thinking about getting theirs, today I'm gonna show you the planner and compare the differences with the 2012 one I got. :)

Okay perks of the new planner: 

  • It came with a classy, leathery cover which insides are lined beautifully with suede
  • There are card holders, a pen holder and the compartment on the top which i have no idea what for. 

Down points:

  • It's so much bulkier than the 2012 planner which I'm used to the size 
  • Came in a ring file form that I'm afraid the papers may get torn easily.

Perks of the 2012 planner, it came with 3 different designs of bookmarks. It made everything so much easier and I love the different designs of each bookmark. No bookmarks for the 2013 planner and I'm a bookmarks lover so it's a turn off for me. :(

For the 2012 planner, the monthly calender came back to back for the whole year before going into the weekly sections. It's easier to have an overall look on the dates and plans written and stuff.

Where as for the 2013 planner the layout goes like this: January calender-January section-February calender-February section and so on.

As for the monthly sections, the 2012 planner separate weeks and allocate sections for everyday of the week complete with dates. However for the 2013 planner there are only some blank pages allocated for each month.

Personally I find the size and layout of 2012 planner more convenient but maybe it's just because of the fact that I'm already used to using it. Though a thumbs up for the 2013 because the design and colour of the pages are prettier and the whole planner looks so formal and nice.

Starbucks 2013 planner available till 15 January or while stocks last. Toffe Nut Frapp is love. Bye. :)

With all the love,

Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Not Christmas Without You

It's Not Christmas Without You- Katherine McPhee

The year's almost over
It sure looks like December
With snow and ice on the ground
I haven't send a single Christmas card
The 31st is coming round

It makes me remember 
Our last December
How the city looked so beautiful in white
As we walked the streets 
That day you kept me warm
We couldn't wait to get inside

Now it's Christmas 
And you're so far away
On this Christmas 
I just wish you had stayed
And I wonder 
If you're thinking of me today

I don't know what I'll do
It's not Christmas without you

I hear carolers in the distance
I don't wanna listen
Cuz every sound says you're not here
Just in case you changed your mind I'll leave the light over the door
And hope you suddenly appear

This song was released in Christmas 2010 and I only discovered it last year. It's still one of my fav Christmas songs till now. So here you are. :)

I'm so pitchy in this cover but I don't care. I do, but what to do? lol The song describes my feelings right now, having to spend Christmas away from my family and Vanilla. And boyfie. :(

Despite me not having able to celebrate Christmas this year, I still wanna take this chance to wish every one of you out there a very merry Christmas. Hope you get to spend this lovely holiday with your family, loved ones and your doggies. :) And I hope you get everything you wanted on your wishlist. ;) 

Merry Christmas! xoxo

With all the love,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dance Performance for Bonding Day 2.0

Performed a dance routine choreographed by Jessika with Fion and Jasylin during Bonding Day. :)

Love the purple in Fion's hair!! So striking during hair flips. :D Notice I didn't watermark these pictures because they were taken from Facebook. Credits to Jessie.

My favourite picture. I looked so fierce and focused and I like it! :) No it's not my favourite because of the fact that my face was the only face showing okayyyy lol.

So anyway, here's the Bonding Day dance performance video. :)

It was extremely stressful because it was my first time dancing in front of my uni mates! And there were lecturers joining us at dinner so we were kinda worried whether our dance would be too provocative.

All worries aside, all in all I'm glad I went ahead with the performance. Not my best, I must say. But no excuses, I will do better next time! Even though we know we didn't do a very good job, the feedback from friends were good I'm happy about that. And I had so much fun dancing with the girls! :D

A picture with Jasylin and the Revive, my choice from the hamper my team won from the station game. :)

P.S. Won't be blogging again till after exams that is on the 29th. Wish me luck. Till then! :)

With all the love,

Taylor's Law School Bonding Day 2.0

Today I'm gonna blog a little about our Law School's bonding day that was held on 7th December. This event was held to bond the senior and the juniors within the Law school. :)

I LOVE our Law School tees! "You just got lawyered." Know where was this quote taken from? If you don't know, then I don't like you. >C lol

A portion of the girls in my class. :)

Briefing before the game. 

Then we were split into random groups of seniors and juniors, and put through a series of inhuman station games.

In the last picture we had to wrap out team leader in toilet paper lol. Ridiculous right? But it was so fun. Ran around the school like crazy, and had students from other schools starring at us like we're barbarians lol. Noticed that we're all dripping wet? It was raining cats and dogs! Gosh it was insane, once in a life time experience. :)

Icing on top of the cake, our team reached the finish point first and hence, Team Denning was Chanpion! Lord Denning, we did you proud! ;)

(Teams were named after the famous judges, fyi. ie Denning, Atkin etc)

Pictures with friends after the game ended. :) It's ridiculous to see how some friends still look so good after all that rain and running lol.

Dinner was pizzas from Domino's. :)) Hahaha Sue Yin's face is so epic!

Prize giving session to the champion Team Denning. Got ourselves a hamper full of tidbits. :)

P.S. My team leader is so hot right. I know. ;) He sings really really well too!

Group picture with seniors and juniors together. Bonding day was a success! :DD

A picture of the A Team again before signing off. :) Kay bye!

With all the love,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas deco @ Sunway Pyramid

Stayed in the whole day today and studied. I got bored just now , so I played with make up lol. :)

Both make up and hair don't look as good in reality but I'm happy the webcam pictures turned out alright. :) I rarely use make up so I am somewhat uncomfortable with my after make-up face because I feel like I look so fierce with make up on. It was one random day that I randomly told my friends, next semester onward I'm gonna wear make up to uni. We'll see if that will happen. :)

So anyway, this is the Christmas decorations at Sunway Pyramid! :) 

When I took this I think it was 2 weeks ago and the stalls were not ready yet. They are probably open by now. And I think there will be Christmas shows through the stage set up though I am not sure of the date and time sorry.

Signing off and I think I'll turn in early tonight. Haha this post is so random I know- bare with me please. :) 12 days till finals I'm still very behind on my revision but I kept getting distracted. :(

Full day studying again tomorrow! Wish me luck.

With all the love,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Roommate

Happy 12.12.12 people!!

Despite the warm greeting, the post that follows will however be a very long, very very negative post on me ranting bout my roommate lol. If you dislike drama, kindly ignore this post and come visit me next time. :)

First off, a random to uni outfit as intro pic. :))

Original post deleted due to massive anger and hatred element lol. A sincere advice, if you love your friends, don't become room mates with them because you'll end up hating them. 

I reckon people might have worse roommates than I do. But I do hope that none of my readers would, like myself, ever find such an ungrateful room mate. I wish you well. :)

Random: The uni deprives us of our Christmas holidays by setting our finals on Boxing Day, the 26th Dec, then puts up a gorgeous Christmas Tree in the foyer to mock us. :)

The roommate issue doesn't really bother me much but I shall add on reasons why my life sucks right now:
  1. First ever final exams coming up in 2 weeks. I am deprived of sleep, cranky and depressed.
  2. Daddy Mommy said yes to my Law School study trip to Macau in Jan 2013 but upon booking flight ticket I found out my passport has expired.
  3. Having long distance relationship problems.
FML what could possibly go worse. :)

With all the love,