Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taylor's Law School Bonding Day 2.0

Today I'm gonna blog a little about our Law School's bonding day that was held on 7th December. This event was held to bond the senior and the juniors within the Law school. :)

I LOVE our Law School tees! "You just got lawyered." Know where was this quote taken from? If you don't know, then I don't like you. >C lol

A portion of the girls in my class. :)

Briefing before the game. 

Then we were split into random groups of seniors and juniors, and put through a series of inhuman station games.

In the last picture we had to wrap out team leader in toilet paper lol. Ridiculous right? But it was so fun. Ran around the school like crazy, and had students from other schools starring at us like we're barbarians lol. Noticed that we're all dripping wet? It was raining cats and dogs! Gosh it was insane, once in a life time experience. :)

Icing on top of the cake, our team reached the finish point first and hence, Team Denning was Chanpion! Lord Denning, we did you proud! ;)

(Teams were named after the famous judges, fyi. ie Denning, Atkin etc)

Pictures with friends after the game ended. :) It's ridiculous to see how some friends still look so good after all that rain and running lol.

Dinner was pizzas from Domino's. :)) Hahaha Sue Yin's face is so epic!

Prize giving session to the champion Team Denning. Got ourselves a hamper full of tidbits. :)

P.S. My team leader is so hot right. I know. ;) He sings really really well too!

Group picture with seniors and juniors together. Bonding day was a success! :DD

A picture of the A Team again before signing off. :) Kay bye!

With all the love,

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