Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas @ Mid Valley Megamall

Hello! It's me again, the second time today. :)

Pictures in this post is taken on the same day as the Topshop event post but I didn't want to make the post too long so I decided to split it into half. And this post is all about Christmas.

Remember last year I went around Kuching to look for all the Christmas trees and decorations? I'll do that this year too! Only that this year, my setting is KL. :)

With exams around the corner and stuff, not sure how many malls I can cover but we'll see. ;) Christmas decorations at Sunway Pyramid is already set up and going gorgeously, just that I've never been there with my camera so no pictures yet. Mid Valley first will do.

Christmas decorations at the Centre Court of the megamall.

The pretty Body Shop and L'Occitane lights-lit stalls. :)

Random stalls selling Christmas presents, decorations and tree ornaments.

A totally different vibe from the colourful and lively decorated Megamall, The Gardens in turn is decorated with icey blue trees and lights, so classy and peaceful. :)

Wishlist 2012: 
(I'll build this list up as I go along, visiting malls and stuff. :P)

1. The Body Shop Shea/Chocomania/Vineyard Peach/Olive lotion, soap, loofa, body butter and body scrub set.

2. Military green casual jumper from Topshop- Nothing extravagant, I can wear this to uni. :)

3. Jumper from Mango. Chiffon in front, glittery knitted back. The grey makes it casual, but the chiffon and glitter make it classy, and and the knitting helps keep warmth. This is sooooo cute! I loveeeee. I can wear this to uni as well. :))

So about the wishlist thing, I am only doing this for fun. 

I can't deny that I do have A LOT of wants, but I am not requesting for presents. I do not expect to get any of the above from anyone. Not a Christmas presents giver myself so in turn I too, do not expect presents from people other than the boyfie la heh. :) But fact is that everyone loves receiving presents right! That's if you love me so much and wanna get me everything, I don't mind! #justsaying I'm just kidding. No I'm not.

So I chilled at Starbucks before heading back and calling it a day. :)

The pretty Christmas Starbucks card I got for myself some time ago. There is also the red Christmas tree one, which I find prettier and more stylish only after I got this one. :/

A lazy Saturday afternoon with my Toffee Nut Frapp with Chocolate Chips. This is the life. :) 

The barista didn't do my name justice, his hand writing is bad. :( lol. Random: stories of how Starbucks baristas mess up names never fail to make me laugh.

P.S. Salted Caramel Mocha Frapp is no more. I saddddd. :(

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

Your college near to mid valley?

kxin♥ said...

Nope it's near Sunway area. Quite far from my place.