Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dance Performance for Bonding Day 2.0

Performed a dance routine choreographed by Jessika with Fion and Jasylin during Bonding Day. :)

Love the purple in Fion's hair!! So striking during hair flips. :D Notice I didn't watermark these pictures because they were taken from Facebook. Credits to Jessie.

My favourite picture. I looked so fierce and focused and I like it! :) No it's not my favourite because of the fact that my face was the only face showing okayyyy lol.

So anyway, here's the Bonding Day dance performance video. :)

It was extremely stressful because it was my first time dancing in front of my uni mates! And there were lecturers joining us at dinner so we were kinda worried whether our dance would be too provocative.

All worries aside, all in all I'm glad I went ahead with the performance. Not my best, I must say. But no excuses, I will do better next time! Even though we know we didn't do a very good job, the feedback from friends were good I'm happy about that. And I had so much fun dancing with the girls! :D

A picture with Jasylin and the Revive, my choice from the hamper my team won from the station game. :)

P.S. Won't be blogging again till after exams that is on the 29th. Wish me luck. Till then! :)

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

You have all of my luck. Take it.

By the way, a very Merry Kissmyass to you.



kxin♥ said...

Merry Christmas Jojo. :)