Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Not Christmas Without You

It's Not Christmas Without You- Katherine McPhee

The year's almost over
It sure looks like December
With snow and ice on the ground
I haven't send a single Christmas card
The 31st is coming round

It makes me remember 
Our last December
How the city looked so beautiful in white
As we walked the streets 
That day you kept me warm
We couldn't wait to get inside

Now it's Christmas 
And you're so far away
On this Christmas 
I just wish you had stayed
And I wonder 
If you're thinking of me today

I don't know what I'll do
It's not Christmas without you

I hear carolers in the distance
I don't wanna listen
Cuz every sound says you're not here
Just in case you changed your mind I'll leave the light over the door
And hope you suddenly appear

This song was released in Christmas 2010 and I only discovered it last year. It's still one of my fav Christmas songs till now. So here you are. :)

I'm so pitchy in this cover but I don't care. I do, but what to do? lol The song describes my feelings right now, having to spend Christmas away from my family and Vanilla. And boyfie. :(

Despite me not having able to celebrate Christmas this year, I still wanna take this chance to wish every one of you out there a very merry Christmas. Hope you get to spend this lovely holiday with your family, loved ones and your doggies. :) And I hope you get everything you wanted on your wishlist. ;) 

Merry Christmas! xoxo

With all the love,