Saturday, December 1, 2012

Topshop Personal Shopper Event x Chuckei

With Chuckei! Got to take a picture with her before the event this morning started. :) 

When I saw her I was literally starstruck and I couldn't stop staring I'm sure I looked like some psycho stalker back then lol. Looked fat, short and ugly standing beside her, I sadddd.

Ribbon collared top- Mango// shorts- Cotton On // Converse sneakers // bag- Vincci

This event was held by Topshop, Mid Valley in collaboration with Chuckei, and it was held to promote Topshop's new Christmas line. Chuckei shared the event on her blog and I signed up. :))

At first I was hesitating whether or not to sign up cuz I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to go. But I never met Chuckei, and I wanted to. Also it's like, I've always been complaining that back in Kuching, all the events were only happening in Kl and we didn't get to go for anything. So I just went ahead with it- and I'm glad I did!

Refreshments this morning were catered by Coffee Bean. :)

Party-Packs of Brownie Temptation, Pack a Sandwich, Deluxe Canape Sampler etc, juice and coffee were served. So tempted to try everything on the table! But I only chose to have the Salmon Sandwich and Chocolate Brownie, which were both nice.

The Deluxe Canape Sampler set. Looks so delicious! But didn't try them. Okayyyy getting sidetracked by food here lol. 

So the event officially started with the Personal Shopper guy (now onward referred to as PS guy) introducing Chuckei to everyone.

PS guy went on to introducing 3 latest styles assembled from Topshop's newest collection.

Then Chuckei asked for 3 volunteers, and styled them herself. :)

After that, girls queued up to get a picture with her. I'm so glad I got to avoid the mess cuz I took my picture with her before the event started. ;)

Before that, there was also a Q&A session with Chuckei and she answered questions prepared by the PS guy. :) That session was very interesting, and I'll talk about some of the most memorable ones.

PS guy asked her about her education and after mentioned her high school she said, "I studied in Taylor's for awhile. But *bits taken aback, giggled* can we not talk about that.." Current occupation? Chuckei revealed that she's now a fulltime blogger. I think full-time blogger is a good job- so many perks and free time for yourself. Education is not everything, and I'm sure she is capable of earning more than some people with degrees.

As long as you're doing what you love, is good at what you're doing, making a living from it, and getting recognized for your work, then why not? :) 

Another question, "Do you buy a lot of branded clothes?" She said it's not necessary to buy a lot of branded clothes to be stylish, and her reason was "..because you can never catch up with all the brands." Well said, Chuckei! :)

Asked Chuckei's boyfie for a picture and he posed for me like that. So sporting! :D

Saw him in pictures before but never thought he's so tall! And he was the one helping Chuckei and I took the first picture I had. :)

Some of the many fashionable people who attended the event. 

Janice went as well. :D

...And I was the most unfashionable one that day, hands down. :( 

Cuz I had to take the bus mah, can't dress to nicely right later draw wrong attention. Casual outfit of the day- White top with bow from Mango, black shorts from Cotton On and my Converse.

Door gift of the event was a pair of gorgeous metal-rock earrings. :)

...and a 20% Topshop Personal Shopping voucher valid on that day only, which to my disadvantage, I didn't use.

Once again, I'm so glad I went. Chuckei was shy but so friendly, and I'm glad I got to meet her. Learned some bout styling as well. And that's all for the event this morning. :)

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

"3 latest styles assembled from Topshop's newest collection"

Seriously, Keryn! Don't buy the first and second style!

Chuckei wore the best one though.

kxin♥ said...

Yea I love Chuckei's outfit too! Whole assemble from Topshop. Thanks for the advice. I won't buy the 1st 2 outfits don't worry! :D

Why are we talking about fashion w/ each other? Haha.

sujata barik said...

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