Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Penang Photo Diary: Batu Ferringhi beach

Last post of Penang Day 3. After visiting the Spice Garden and Butterfly Farm, we went to visit Ferringhi Beach. :)

Batu Ferringhi beach is a very long stretch of beach with length of approximately 3km. and we took a long leisure walk along it, explaining the different captured scenes of the beautiful seaside.

Ally and I.

Wanna take this chance to give apologies to Ally because I was really cranky that day. :/

It happened when we got to the beach initially because I just woke up from the car ride and it's been a long day. I don't usually have mood swings when I wake up but yea, it was not my best moment. Thanks for being patient with me love! :)

Hand on left: Ally
Hand on right: Me :)

Took a picture with The Ship, a famous steak house and also a tourist must stop. Sadly I didn't get a chance to try out this place but hopefully I will get to do so the next time I visit. :)

Cha Hor Fan

It was late afternoon on a weekday when we visited, so most of the restaurants along the beach were closed. Either they only open at night or that they open only on the weekends. So we had to drive off the long main road Jln Batu Ferringhi to get something to eat.

After the beach we went to Gurney Plaza, and had dinner at the Gurney Hawker store. Gurney Drive- another very date-able place in lovely Penang. You can see the sea from here, and one thing I love love love about Penang is that you can see the sea everywhere. :)

With all the love,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home finally

After 5 loonnnnnggggggg months of living and studying in KL, I'm finally home and got to reunite with all my the people I love.

Upon arrival at home, I called out to Vanilla and received an enthusiastic, slobbery welcome. Vanilla didn't forget me! I was so happy because that has truly been one of my worries for the past few months. That moment he ran towards me, it was priceless. :') I arrived in Kuching yesterday at 2.40pm and Boyfie picked me up from the airport. We stuck together the whole day after that and the feeling I felt today seemed so long ago yet it's so familiar that it's nice. :) Visited the big-buzz Plaza Merdeka finally, and hung out at the Starbucks there for the first time.

There's no place like home! And I will surely appreciate my 2 months here in Kuching before flying back to KL again to start 2nd sem of Law school.

I will make sure during this period of time that I keep drama level to the minimum hopefully not at all with Mum, Dad, Sis, and Boyfie. And I shall eat as many times of Laksa as I can, and also to enjoy watching Astro and driving to the max. :)

With all the love,

Penang Photo Diary: Penang Butterfly Farm

My selfshot skills 100%. :) Haha at least that's what i think. But feel free to think otherwise! :P

After our visit to the Tropical Spice Garden we then head down to the Butterfly Farm. 

These two attractions are located in the same area and just along the same high way so recommend visiting these two places in one day. Ticket for us with the MyCard was rm18, where as for foreigners are rm25. Entry rate of children and senior citizens are rm13.

Ah Kong joined us to visit the butterfly farm. :)
A guide to the butterfly species provided by the center.

Butterflies everywhere! I love it. :D
Butterflies feeding zones with flowers filler with dew
Cocoons and butterflies hatching from them

And in here you can see all sorts of beautiful butterflies. :D

The gorgeous white ones though very common in here

You'll get to see moths as well. :)
The Broken-winged
Taking flight

Love this picture Ally took for me. :)

If they like you, you'll find multiple butterflies landing on you constantly. And by the looks of it they seem to like Ah Kong a whole lot. :) And the butterflies didn't really fancy Ally very much :P haha.

But some, were just too busy doing their own things.... Ahem ahem.

A picturesque place to visit if you want a nice time with nature and to take some nice photos. :)

Also don't forget to visit the insect and reptile pens and also the gallery when you're there. :) My battery was low towards this part of the trip (Saved the rest of the cam batt for the beach!) so no pictures here.

A point to note: If you're bringing children, you may have to consider whether or not they are afraid of butterflies in the first place. Because the butterflies are everywhere.

And on that day itself there were a few kids who screamed and cried and panicked right when a butterfly flew their way or got a little to close to them. It was hilarious yet at the same time pitiful to watch, but I am sure it was frustrating for the parents. So do take that into consideration! :)

With all the love,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Penang Photo Diary: Tropical Spice Garden

Half awake face on the third day in Penang. :) Today we went on full tourist mode and went to all the tourist attractions located in Batu Ferringgi area ie. Tropical Spice Garden, Penang Butterfly Farm, Batu Ferringgi beach and Gruney Drive.

Entrance fee was rm15 for each of us. If you want a guided tour you can have it with a fee of rm25 each. They provide a spray organic insect repellent at the counter for you to use before entering the garden. And coincidentally our outfits matches the sign board omg lol.

With Ally on the beautiful hammock. We both wore sundresses today with the aim of getting some nice pictures taken. ;) Some of the pictures used in my blog are from her Ipad so credits to her!

The hammock
The giant swing
The Turtle pen
The children's playground with multiple slides
A crazy tall one that I didn't dare to play :/

Some of the shots taken in the garden. :) Skipped a lot of pictures. Didn't want to show you guy everything so to not take away all the surprises when you visit it the next time.

The Tree Monkey Restaurant that serves Thai food. The design for the balcony dining area was inspired by Thailand where as the insides were inspired by Bali.

The Proposal Shack
Ally's pink soda tea drink and my
Baby Monkey (watermelon, pineapple and mint leaves)

Enjoying our refreshing drinks after a sweaty walk. My mocktail cost rm23 but if you come at the Happy Hour (6pm-7pm) all mocktails only charge rm10.

I think the Tropical Spice Garden is worth a visit and rm15 entrance fee is worth it. Not sure about Ally but to be honest, I didn't really learn much about spices after the visit because I went there only for pictures heh.

With all the love,