Thursday, January 3, 2013

Countdown 2013 @ Bukit Bintang

How did you spend your 2013 Count down? Partied hard, or welcomed the new year at home with family and close friends? 

I'm sure there comes a time in the future that I'll be counting down to the new year with champagnes in my hand, people I'm close with around me and soft music playing in the background. When the clock strikes 12 I'll be greeted with laughter, hugs and warm wishes. But for the time being, kindly let this 20 year-old me celebrate my new year like a barbarian. :)

And well from the picture above I'm sure you know how I counted down to my 2013 lol.

Thank you East for coming to meet me on such short notice. :) 

East is one of my besties from secondary school. We both wanted to spend our count down night with our partners but my boyfriend is in Kuching, and his girlfriend spent hers with her family. So these two sad lonely souls ended up having no plans and eventually got together to celebrate together lol.

We met up at Bukit Bintang around 9.30pm. It was my first time attending a count down celebration in KL city so I was really excited. Look at the crowd of people.

Pavilion's bistro street, Connection was literally congested with people.

There were also a few people dressing up in weird costumes to entertain and take pictures with the crowd.

Tip: Certainly traffic would be horrible right after the count down and you'll have a hard time getting a cab home. In the mean time, watch a movie and let traffic die down a little first before going back home. 

It was East's brilliant idea and so we bought tickets to watch a late night show of Les Miserables. :)

It was only 10.30pm+ and people already started playing with their snow sprays. Every time some people sprayed theirs at me I'd be dodging and at the same time exclaiming, 'OMG not yet not yet!!!'

The experience was similar to my 2011 Christmas count down in Singapore but in Singapore people would actually wait till after the count down that they only started spraying. People here are so impatient lol!

My Starbucks. :C 

Then East taught me how to take a "walk-ahead-then-look-back" picture. Lol so awkward.

But it was cool that they closed off the whole stretch of road in front of Sungei Wang Plaza just for the celebration.

Peplum top- Seed // jeans- Levi's // slippers and bag- Vincci

We prepared ourselves for battle with 4 cans of snow spray each. 

Badly attacked. Though I couldn't help but to praise East that his hair still stayed in place perfectly after all the chaos. "Skill," he said.

However most of the time I was more of a victim than East. 

When one person starts spraying at me other random people would join in as well. Then East would say in a complaining tone, "Why is everyone only aiming at you?" Haha how would I know. But how was it a good thing lol? Note the right side of the picture- even my camera became a victim as well.

In the end we chose to count down to the new year in front of the concert organised by Sungei Wang Plaza mall.

This auntie looked so gentle at first. But as soon as she got her hands on a bottle of snow spray, all hell broke loose.

22, 21, 20.... 3, 2, 1..... Happy New year!!!

We were welcomed into the new year by a very intense snow spray battle..

...And a marvelous firework show across the night sky. 

In the midst of running away from a snow spray attack I broke my beloved Vincci slippers. :C This is already my second pair of the same design and it's still on sale so I'm still thinking of going to get my third pair lol.

Les Miserables.

Heard from friends that this is a good movie, and i saw a friend posting a status of crying three times while watching the movie so we chose this over The Hobbit. We didn't know it was a musical and almost all of the dialogues were performed in singing.

It was a horrible experience for us. Lol I don't know, maybe it was for the fact that we're both tired from the celebration and that we're all sticky and uncomfortable that we were not in the correct state of mind to fully enjoy the movie. And personally I think some of the songs were just horrible, that they don't even rhyme. It's like writing a script, then just add notes to it. We just couldn't wait for it to end.

Though I have to credit the parts of movie that left me in awe. I love the story overall. And I love love LOVE Amanda Seyfried. :) Anne Hathaway's acting was spectacular I must say. And I didn't know she could sing so well especially when she sang I dreamed a dream. And she cut all of her hair of just for this movie! I enjoyed some of the song numbers as well, especially the last song that gave me goosebumps over and over. And yes I shed a tear or two when the main character Jean Valjean died in the end.

I'm sure i would have enjoyed this movie more and that I will surely think it's a great movie given different circumstances . Rate 6.5/10.

All in all it was an awesome new year celebration I enjoyed myself a lot. I'm looking forward to what the new year has in stored for me! :)

With all the love,

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