Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gatsby 5th Dance Competition

With the Chillies ladies Fion and Jasylin. Love these girls! :) Our K session after watching the Gatsby Dance Competition.

The competition was held at Sunway Pyramid and the whole stage was extravagantly built on the ice rink. :) 

And we were so lucky because we got VIP Invitations from our Kuching dancer friends Vanity and Stepholic who were taking part in the competition. Third picture was my view of the stage that day, nice huh.

Among the ten groups from all over Malaysia, two acts were Kuching Represent, Ameer Stepholic and Vanity Crew. :) So proud so proud!

Break between semifinal and final round, I volunteered and went up to play a dancing game among 6 challengers to win a headphone. Didn't win but it was fun and I did beat my opponent. ;) Thank you Fion for these shots!

Along with Vanity and School Boyz, the gorgeous La Bella Trio, the fierce Twinkle, cute guys Funk P and unexpectedly-good-in-the-second-round's bboy Pitt Den went into the final round to compete for the champion. The six acts performed a second routine each.

In the end Vanity Crew walked away with 2nd Runner Up. You go girls! Funk P took the 1st Runner Up and Pitt Den got champion and will be representing Malaysia to compete in the competition happening in Tokyo.

One good thing came out from us going to watch the competition, it was that we became friends with Ameer! 

One of our stops were Delicious. Had their scrumptious desserts, Chocolate cake and Strawberry Cheese. :)

He's a famed dancer in Kuching but we never got the chance to get to know each other before. Yay new dancer friend. :) 

The We Dance teaser parody video, was the first night we ever talked to him and yet we became so close so fast haha. So young yet so much achievements already, an inspiration really!

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

Your face on the screen is cute.

kxin♥ said...

HahathanksJojo. :)