Sunday, January 20, 2013

Penang: Khunthai Thai Restaurant

With Ally, having dinner at the Khunthai (Simply Thai) Restaurant during our second night in Penang. :) This restaurant is located at Balik Pulau, on the Penang island.

The front door of the restaurant, and the side of the restaurant facing the sea. Choose the place to dine based on your preference. :)

Gorgeous evening view of the sea from the restaurant. :)

It's said that you can see the perfect sunset view at this place. Too bad we ran a little behind schedule that day and missed it. :( We arrived at 6.30+pm that evening so if you want to catch the sunset, do go earlier than that time. :)

Dinner with Ally's uncle and family, us and Ah Kong. :) Thank you so much Ally's uncle for the treat! Now let me introduce the dishes we had that evening:

Steamed kempar, rm15

Gaeng Som Deep Fried Fish, rm45.5
Chap Dong Omelette, rm9
Pandan Chicken, rm10
Tempura Kangkung, rm8
Shrimp w/ Button Mushroom, rm10

Umbra (Jug), rm14
Coconut drink, rm4

The umbra drink is thick and sweet sour. First time tasting the drink and liked it a lot.  Kempar was nice, fish was nice, and I couldn't get my hands off the Tempura Kangkung. Didn't enjoy the Pandan Chicken because it was breast meat and I think it tasted normal.

Miaeng Kum, rm10

Miaeng Kum is something I never tried before so it was a quite a unique experience for me. It is a type of Thai street food. There are a variety of ingredients provided namely leaves, garlic, onion, lime, chillies, nuts dried shrimp and special sweet sauce.

You choose the ingredients that you like, wrap them in a piece of leaf, top it off with a little sauce and then eat it in one bite.

The leaves are quite bitter but the ingredients inside with tone down the bitterness. The taste of the lime, nuts and dried shrimp together with the leaf was nice and I prefer not to add the garlic dices.

The environment of eating by the sea was nice. :)

But because there are many mosquitoes around the seaside, do make sure you bring along mosquito repellents for you and your children so as to not disrupt your dining experience.

Pictures taken with the taxi and the trishaw before leaving. Rate the restaurant 8/10. Recommends. :)

With all the love,

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