Sunday, January 27, 2013

Penang Photo Diary: Penang Butterfly Farm

My selfshot skills 100%. :) Haha at least that's what i think. But feel free to think otherwise! :P

After our visit to the Tropical Spice Garden we then head down to the Butterfly Farm. 

These two attractions are located in the same area and just along the same high way so recommend visiting these two places in one day. Ticket for us with the MyCard was rm18, where as for foreigners are rm25. Entry rate of children and senior citizens are rm13.

Ah Kong joined us to visit the butterfly farm. :)
A guide to the butterfly species provided by the center.

Butterflies everywhere! I love it. :D
Butterflies feeding zones with flowers filler with dew
Cocoons and butterflies hatching from them

And in here you can see all sorts of beautiful butterflies. :D

The gorgeous white ones though very common in here

You'll get to see moths as well. :)
The Broken-winged
Taking flight

Love this picture Ally took for me. :)

If they like you, you'll find multiple butterflies landing on you constantly. And by the looks of it they seem to like Ah Kong a whole lot. :) And the butterflies didn't really fancy Ally very much :P haha.

But some, were just too busy doing their own things.... Ahem ahem.

A picturesque place to visit if you want a nice time with nature and to take some nice photos. :)

Also don't forget to visit the insect and reptile pens and also the gallery when you're there. :) My battery was low towards this part of the trip (Saved the rest of the cam batt for the beach!) so no pictures here.

A point to note: If you're bringing children, you may have to consider whether or not they are afraid of butterflies in the first place. Because the butterflies are everywhere.

And on that day itself there were a few kids who screamed and cried and panicked right when a butterfly flew their way or got a little to close to them. It was hilarious yet at the same time pitiful to watch, but I am sure it was frustrating for the parents. So do take that into consideration! :)

With all the love,

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