Thursday, January 17, 2013

Penang: Kek Lok Si + Food

And we're off to Penang. :)

Travelling to Penang using Eagle lines from Klang station. Ticket cost me rm37 and the whole journey took approx 6 hours. The bus trip was not too torturing for me because I managed to sleep through a big part of it lol.

A little music along the way, before I passed out.
Midway stop for lunch and toilet break.
Nasi Lemak was horrible so I ate Ramli burget instead.

On the Penang Bridge finally! A view of the second construction-in-progress Penang bridge.

Pasar Air Hitam Laksa, located near Kek Lok Si Temple.

The surrounding is dodgy looking but there was a crowd of people that came just for the laksa. When I went to take a picture of the stall the hawker naturally posed for the camera, guess he either knows his laksa is famous or that he's used to the random attention from tourists already lol. The laksa has a lot of topping inside it, some of which I could not name, that brought about a unique taste although not appealing to sight when all mixed.

Recommended popiah to be eaten with laksa
but it was finished so we substituted it with ngo hiang.
Char Kuay Teow
View of Kek Lok Si

The little diva loving my shades

Penang Attractions Covered #1: Kek Lok Si Temple

Can travel to it using car or by foot using a stairway from the base of the hill (please ask locals for specific directions, lol). The Buddhist temple closes their gates at 6.30pm so make sure you leave before that time- saying from experience lol. The temple was undergoing renovation to welcome the Chinese New Year and it was late when we went so there was not many visitors. Very famous temple that will soon be crowded menjelang CNY.

Had dinner at the Sg. Pinang Food Court, located on Jalan Pinang. A nice food court with loads of people and loads of food options, and we had trouble choosing what we wanted to eat. 

P.S. Ignore my ugly hair and shiny forehead. It's been a long day okay!

Their famous grilled fish. Two dishes above for rm44.

Ally's uncle's place- our accommodation for the whole trip. :) So thankful towards uncle and family for their hospitality!

Mat Dou Yao Malaysian Mixed Dessert as our dessert. It's a sweet drink taken hot or cold, with tipping ingredients comprised of pearls, cincau, jellies, longan, red beans, sweet potatoes and so on. 

And that's the end of my first day in Penang. :)

I'm sorry if I sounded long-winded in my Penang posts! I'm working on making my posts as informative as possible. :) Before the trip Ally and I googled for Penang stuff online and we had trouble finding useful blog posts that contain the information that we need. So hopefully my posts will be beneficial to people who will be, or planning on travelling to Penang in the future. Till the next time!

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

University life, you are doing it right.

Exploring Malaysia with friends is the best choice during uni holiday.

Recommendation: IPOH for food, MALACCA for food, REDANG ISLAND for heaven.

kxin♥ said...

We're planning for Malacca as our next trip already! :D

姐姐 and 弟弟 said...

Hope you don't mind if I reuse the photos of the kids :) TQ!

kxin♥ said...

I don't mind. Go ahead. :D