Sunday, January 20, 2013

Penang: Sweet Paradise Dim Sum + St. Anne's

Day 2 in Penang was a lazy one mostly filled with food. Woke up early in the morning that day to catch breakfast. Messy bed hair. :)

First thing on the agenda was that we took the Penang Ferry Service to get to the mainland. The ferry links Georgetown of the island to Butterworth on the mainland, says the Penang Port Commission website.

Leaving the port

The view of another ferry from the ferry I'm in.

View of the gorgeous Penang bridge

The ferry service is not free of charge. There is also a second floor made for people travelling on foot and charges RM1.20 per adult.

Actually you can just get to the mainland using the bridge, which is faster and also saves time waiting for the ferry. Ally's granpa (now onward refers to as Ah Kong) took us to ride the ferry because I'm a tourist. Still, many locals continue to take the ferry, probably just for the fun of it.

Sweet Paradise Restaurant is a dim sum house located at Bukit Martajam, Butterworth. 

Apparently this is a very famous dim sum house known among locals and it's said that they serve better dim sum than that on the island. We had our breakfast here.  :)

Look at the crowd of people.


Counter for the buns and cakes

Our menu for the morning. :) 

Fried Won Ton, Har Kau, Siu Mai, Egg tart, Chee Cheong Fan etc. The prawns in the Har Kaus and the fried won ton were huge and yummy. And I like their egg tarts. Down point, they do not serve Liu Sha Bao. It's also a pity because there were only the 3 of us so we couldn't order more and get more variety.

The whole bill was fairly cheap, inclusive of tea was around rm20. Thank you Ah Gong! I'm a dim sum person and it was a pleasant experience for me. Rate it 8/10. Recommends. :)

Penang Attraction #2: St Anne's Church, Jalan Kulim. The old church was built in 1888 while the new church started construction in 2000.

New, bigger church building
The old church, known as the Shrine of St Anne

The gorgeous inside of the St Anne Shrine. Even though the design is not modern and magnificent, it still feels grand and gives a sense of peacefulness once you step into the church.

The Ten Commandments painted on stone.

One of the many statues, "My body is put in a tomb."

The courtyard is beautifully built with the St Anne's holy water fountain, crosses on stones along the stairway and statues of Christ. We didn't go up to the top of the stairway nor look at all the statutes because the sun was not kind to us that afternoon.

Glass bottled Soya bean to fulfill
my recent loving for soya bean milks. 


Had dinner at a seaside Thai restaurent named Khumthai (Simply Thai) located at Balik Pulau, on the island, which I will be talking about here. :)

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姐姐 and 弟弟 said...

Haha, the ferry service is not free but they charge one-way from Prai-Penang route. Khuntai is around Gertak Sanggul area :)

kxin♥ said...

Aww alright, thanks for the information. :))