Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Penang Photo Diary: Tropical Spice Garden

Half awake face on the third day in Penang. :) Today we went on full tourist mode and went to all the tourist attractions located in Batu Ferringgi area ie. Tropical Spice Garden, Penang Butterfly Farm, Batu Ferringgi beach and Gruney Drive.

Entrance fee was rm15 for each of us. If you want a guided tour you can have it with a fee of rm25 each. They provide a spray organic insect repellent at the counter for you to use before entering the garden. And coincidentally our outfits matches the sign board omg lol.

With Ally on the beautiful hammock. We both wore sundresses today with the aim of getting some nice pictures taken. ;) Some of the pictures used in my blog are from her Ipad so credits to her!

The hammock
The giant swing
The Turtle pen
The children's playground with multiple slides
A crazy tall one that I didn't dare to play :/

Some of the shots taken in the garden. :) Skipped a lot of pictures. Didn't want to show you guy everything so to not take away all the surprises when you visit it the next time.

The Tree Monkey Restaurant that serves Thai food. The design for the balcony dining area was inspired by Thailand where as the insides were inspired by Bali.

The Proposal Shack
Ally's pink soda tea drink and my
Baby Monkey (watermelon, pineapple and mint leaves)

Enjoying our refreshing drinks after a sweaty walk. My mocktail cost rm23 but if you come at the Happy Hour (6pm-7pm) all mocktails only charge rm10.

I think the Tropical Spice Garden is worth a visit and rm15 entrance fee is worth it. Not sure about Ally but to be honest, I didn't really learn much about spices after the visit because I went there only for pictures heh.

With all the love,

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