Monday, January 14, 2013

Klang: Setia City Mall

It's my 2nd night in Penang with lovely Allysha visiting and I'm here visiting this lovely island for the very first time! Man I love this island so so much and I'm enjoying very bits of it but we'll talk a bit more on that soon. :D

So I spent the night before the trip at Ally's and in the evening she brought me to visit the Setia City Mall. It's a beautiful mall with a modern interior and according to Ally the designers are British. Second H&M store in Malaysia is located here btw!

Setia City Park is located right outside the mall and it looks magnificent at night. Very date-able, what I would call it. ;) 

Colorful water fountain, big grass field surrounded by man-made river, a children's playground with a not-so-children jungle gym, picturesque park locations used for wedding photo shoots, with gorgeous views of the mall itself and the Setia City Convention Centre.

Yours truly. 

Ally. :)

Dinner was a treat by Ally's family and we had steamboat at Jia Jia Hao Steamboat House. :) Then after dinner we returned home and watched Running Man together it was so fun lol. I miss home. :')

Update bout Penang soon. Bye! xx

With all the love,


Ally said...

Ngaww you inspire me to start blogging back, about Penang :P

kxin♥ said...

Yes yes do blog about our trip and upload my pictures! ;)