Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tony Roma x CZ12

A movie and lunch date with Angeline. :)) Hahah sorry Angeline I look horrible in all the other pictures we took so I had to choose this one.

CZ12- movie starred and directed by Jackie Chan.

We didn't know what to watch and even though she's watched this movie once before, she said she wouldn't mind watching it again cuz it was hilarious. You guys know me, that I do not prefer to watch Chinese films, but since she recommended and insisted, I went along. And yes the movie was hilarious!

I've grown up watching Jackie Chan's action comedies even though I don't remember most of them now lol. After this movie I still think Jackie Chan is the king of action comedies, the pride of the Chinese. Salute! Okay random spoilers lol: There's a very pretty and flexible girl in the film.  There are explosions, yachts, volcanoes, pirates and a lot of bronze animal heads. And you'll see Jackie Chan's wife!

I do recommend this film if you like a good old action film and that you purely want to have a good time in the cinema. Rate 8/10.

After the movie we then went to eat at Tony Roma. 

Bread with garlic paste, Angeline's Mojo Chicken and my Fish and Fries.

Ironically we went to a steak house but only to order everything else but the steak. Wanted to have the filet mignon but Angeline doesn't take beef so I went for the classic fish and chips. Her dish was grilled chicken breast with rice, fresh veges and potato salad. She loved her dish because she loves chicken breast and I don't because, I don't prefer chicken breasts. See how preference has an effect on everything? Okay too random.

#3 pic: See how fail is my wink, both eyes closed ahahah. Angeline's one, (Y).

I think this would be the last time I'm seeing Angeline till the next semester starts. :C But hopefully we do get to meet up once more before I fly back to Kch. I'm gonna miss her birthday though, sad case.

With all the love,


A Tang said...

haha..i made it to one of ur blogspots~! thankiu n am glad for that! <3..haha..its okayh for the pic..u looked perfectly good in all the pictures,Keryn.. =)) pretty much njoyed myself that day..hope to see u b4 u fly off to kuching..will text u when i get bk alrighty? =)) meanwhile, njoy urself n take care!


kxin♥ said...

Have fun in Bangkok!! :D