Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Most of the pictures were uploaded to either Facebook or Instagram. But still I will sum up my Chinese New Year in short in this blog post. :)

CNY DAY 1- spent the whole day visiting relative's place.

Before, the just-woke up face; And the after make up face. :)

CNY DAY 2. Visited relatives, an ex-colleague and Daddy's friends. Sis is too cute can I just slap her? lolol.

Lamborghini. :) But nothing to be proud of because it's my Daddy's friend's lol. Not a fan of cars so I have zero excitements while sitting in this car. You give me a Chanel bag I still more happy than having this car, just saying LOL.

That evening we had an open house at my place for the cousins but some friends dropped by. I missed you all so much! Missing the form 6 days. :S

CNY DAY 3. Spent the day visiting with boyfie and his friends. :) Before CNY we went to buy similar Converse sneakers together and these were presents from boyfie. :3 We said we'd wear it together that day. 

But coincidentally we wore similar outfits as well! Denim and black. :)) It was our first full body picture together so I love this a lot a lot a lot.

Random picture of the guys looking exhausted after a full day of visiting. We started as early as 8am that morning and called it a night at around 10pm, gosh.

CNY DAY 4. After going to a friend's open house, had the Soul Dance gang come over at my place late afternoon. See I told you, my CNY wardrobe so boring right?? 

The gorgeous group that dances. :)) Except Fion's boyfie Alex!

That night before heading to Fion's, I went to Jenny's place and hung with the secondary school gang. :) Played cards and had liquor as punishment.

CNY DAY 5 was Valentine's Day and I will separate it in another post.
CNY DAY 6 was cousin's wedding and I have already blogged about it in full. :)

CNY DAY 7. It was Ren Ri and boyfie's family invited me over to have Yee Sang with them. :) Had no idea what was a Ren Ri so I googled: 

"人日 [rénrì]
  1. 1. 名词 The 7th day of the 1st lunar month; it is said in "The Book of Divining" by Dongfang Shuo, that the1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th days of the 1st lunar month are the days of divination for chickensdogs,pigsgoatsoxen and horses respectivelyThe 7th day is for people; if this day is sunny and brightthe year will be a good one for people." -

CNY DAY 8. Went out to eat lunch with Daddy and had friends over during the night. Basically by now there weren't any Chinese New Year Mood left inside me.

CNY DAY 9. Family dinner with family at The Banquet. Curled my hair for the occasion. :)

The curls died down a little by the time I reached the restaurant. 

With my darling lil bro whom I love love love!

After the dinner, had a second round at The Lighthouse with darling cousins and the pair of newly-weds. :) Tried the lychee flavored beer for the first time- not a fan of beers but the flavored one had a sweet taste and hence was bearable.

CNY DAY ????. Sent Anderson off at the airport to Australia to further his studies. No more friends in Kuching. :C

CNY DAY ???. Finally met cousin Ying Zi after a long long time. She's still lovely as ever! And that smile of hers, always been a fan and still is. :)

And that is all for my Chinese New Year 2013. :)

With all the love,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Louis x Wei Ling's Wedding II

Picture of my look of the night before heading off to attend cousin's wedding reception at The Banquet. :)

Mum looking wonderful that night in her pastel purple dress.

The stage beautifully decorated for the wedding.

With my beloved cousins, sneaked a shot from the photographer. :) 

Wrap dress is from Mango that I had for almost 2 years now I think and it was my first time wearing it because I never had the courage to. Wanted to score a more matured look for the occasion, though Mum said she prefer me in cuter cocktail dresses i.e. the red dress I wore earlier that day.

Walking down the aisle along with my adorable niece and nephew.

Champagne pouring, cake cutting and yam seng session. Look at them happy faces awww. :) 

With lil sis, and cousins Lydia, Jenjen and Yun May. :)

That night I sang the song 'This I Promise You- N'sync' for the couple. :) 

This song is so so nice it is my must-play song at my wedding in the future (yes I had a playlist of songs in mind already lol!). But till that day comes, for now this song will be my blessing to the couple. :) And this is the only shot of me not looking fat in this dress hee.

Randomness- this girl looks so alike with lil sis! 

So excited when I saw her cuz never in my life have I seen anyone look so alike with Bev before. I told Bev, this is what you will look like when you grow older LOL. Her nose and lips basically the whole face looks so similar, tell me I'm wrong? She is the girlfriend of one of the brothers and I don't know her at all but I feel that I had to post this lolol.

A group picture with all the relatives from both sides of the family. :) 

To Louis bro and Wei Ling jie, 
10 long years, still going strong and finaly tying the knot, your story is an inspiration to me! Hope the two of you will fall more and more in love with each other each day. I wish you two a happy married life and I can't wait to meet my future nephew/niece! xx

With all the love,


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Louis x Wei Ling's Wedding I

My cousin Louis and his 10-year girlfriend Wei Ling got wedded on 15022013. :)

It was a lovely wedding reception held at The Banquet and I will blog about it in Part II. For the time being, I will be blogging about what happened during the morning of the occasion.

Hello, we are The Sister Group for the bride. :)

We had 8 sisters that morning and I was so honored to be called to become one of them. Our theme was red but coincidentally we looked so synced in red and black. We gathered at Hotel 360 early in the morning and awaited for the groom to come and fetch his lovely bride.

But apart from standing around looking pretty, I'm sure it is a known fact that us sisters had bigger responsibilities. :) We were in charge of guarding the door, to make the groom's life harder before fetching of the bride could take place and to torment the brothers.

The groom and the gang arrived and were immediately welcomed by ugly, size XL grey underwear lol.

Me in disapproving shock, when I opened the first Angpao received from the groom lol. Based on my expression, can you guess what was the amount of money in that angpao?

Task #1, for the groom to write 'heart Wei Ling' onto the underwear with the marker in his mouth.

Task #2 was hilarious and it involved gorgeous red bras. 

We prepared bras with baby bottles poked though the holes, having the bottles filled with 40ml each of pure bitter gourd juice, pure lemon juice, pure chili juice and for one lucky guy, honey water.

Cousin enjoying his moment hahaha.

 photo ATP_0663_zps11e92c3d.jpg

The rule was that they had to empty the bottles within 1 minute. But to our enjoyment lol, they didn't.

And so, we served them scrumptious wasabi biscuits. :)

Task #3 was to sing a song for the bride with the brothers dancing in the background. Task #4 we had the groom write out, and to shout aloud 10 reasons why he wants Wei Ling as his wife.

Number 10, "Lastly night time I need you xxxxxxx" lol.

Prior to entering the door after successfully completed all the allocated tasks, cousin had to pick the hotel room key among 20 cards from a pail filled with iced water. 

In the midst of looking for the correct card, the groom and brothers exclaimed in realization, "It's not in here!". Yeah you're right, the actual room key was not in the bucket. :P

In the hotel suite before meeting the bride, the groom and gang were to devour mee sua prepared by the family.

And finally, they reunited. :)

Picture taking with the bride and groom, the Sister and Brother group after tea presenting session at my grandparents place. :)

It was my first time being a sister and it was so much fun! But in my opinion we were too nice and we didn't torment the guys enough lol. Apparently the groom himself too, felt that we didn't torment them enough lol, sigh should have went all out. :P

The kiss. :)

The morning ended in laughter and me with a slightly fatter wallet. ;) Pictures credit to Valen Photography. Stay tuned for Part II!

With all the love,